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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Low Calories, 101

Low Calories 101

Here are some calorie lists I've been compiling to help you get a better idea of the calorie content of what you're eating and can eat to cut those caloric numbers down a bit. Check back every so often, because I will add on from time to time.

Lowest cal Veggies:

"Yes, DO eat your veggies!"

- 1 cup of romaine lettuce, 9 calories

- 1 cup of mushrooms cooked in no calorie cooking spray, or canned 40 calories

- 1 cup of radishes, 20 calories

- 1 medium tomato, 25 calories

- 1 cup of zucchini squash, 28 calories

- 1/2 large cucumber, 20 calories (about 5 ounces)

- 1 cup of celery, 20 calories

- 1 cup of cabbage, 32 calories

- 1 large carrot, 30 calories

- 1 cup of spinach, 40 calories

Low cal desserts:

"When you've just gotta have it!"

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (8 large = 143 calories)

Sugar free Fudgicles - 40 calories per bar

Sugar free Jello - 0 cals

Frozen grapes or berries - roughly 3 cals per grape/berry

Lollipops (yes, lollipops!) 10-15 cals per pop

sugar free chocolate or vanilla pudding 30 cals a cup

Frozen balls or squares of melon (watermelon/cantaloupe/honeydew) 40 cals a cup

Meringue cookies - mini ones are 9 calories each

Sliced Apples with Cinnamon, a whole apple - about 90 cals

Canned peaches (in extra light syrup) with low fat Cool Whip (2 tbsp) 120 cals one cup

And F.Y.I.:

Calories in Alcohol

"For the partiers in the house"

*This is for the average sized drink you'd order at a bar. Not Texas size or the ones you'd find at on some cruise or at Spring Break!

Red or dry white wine - 90 - 120 calories a glass (sweeter wines are more, of course)

Margarita - 182 calories

Mojito - 150 calories

Sangria - 115 calories

Bloody Mary - 110 calories

Frozen Daiquiri - 200 - 400 calories

Rum and Coke - 182 calories

Screwdriver - 180 calories

Kamikaze - 180 calories

Whiskey Sour - 125 calories

Pina Colada - 312 calories

Mai Tai - 306 calories

Mudslide - 820 calories

By the Shot:

Brandy - 64 cals

Rum - 66 cals

Scotch - 64 cals

Tequila - 65 cals

Triple Sec - 103 cals

Vodka - 65 cals

Whiskey - 64 cals

With the mixers(excluding water or seltzer), you're looking at 100 extra calories average, and if it's soda or juice, even MORE sugar. And don't think that because the shots are less than 100 cals on their own that you can just go hog wild. You're basically drinking down SUGAR, which is where alot of that unexplained extra weight comes from.

The Martini List:

Vodka or Gin Martini - 135 cals

Apple Martini - 188 cals

Godiva Chocolate Martini - 438 cals (!)

Cosmopolitan - 200 cals

Manhattan - 130 cals

The good news!

Lemon drop (shot) - 35 cals

Purple Haze - 103 cals

Virgin Mary (shot) - 22 cals

Rum & Diet Coke - 115 cals

Tequila Rose (liquer) - 69 cals 1.5 oz

White Zinfandel - 80 cals 4 oz

Sidecar - 117 cals

Light beer - 110 cals

Non alcoholic beer - 70 cals

white Wine Spritzer - 40 cals

Okay, guys. On a later post, I'll do meals and munchie type snacks that you can buy or make that are lower calorie.

Bon appetit!

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Urban Thought said...

This is great. Keep it coming.

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

Do we eat this all in one sitting? That's a lot of calories. LOL!

Thanks for counting the calories. You remind me of the Count in Sesame Street! LOL! :-) --Durano, done!

Fruity said...

I love veggies. All my meals are veggies and more veggies!

The Fitness Diva said...

Yummy! Zucchini and yellow squash are my favorites!

The Fitness Diva said...

Hmmmmm....that got me to thinking, Durano, and I did the math.

If we ate all the veggies AND all those desserts, and had ONE drink, we'd still be under 1000 calories!

Ha! But don't go trying that at home! :D

yummy411 said...

great post! do you mind if i share this list and defnitely link back to you (and your wonderful blog) on my blog?

The Fitness Diva said...

Sure, yummy. A link back would be great. Post away!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list!

I'm not much of a drinker...can do without, but I never realized there were so many calories in alcohol.

yummy411 said...

thanks fitness diva! i posted about your fab list if you want to check it out.. http://yummy411.blogspot.com/2008/05/yummy411-consume-consciously-fotd.html

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks, Yummy! I'll hit ya back sometime!

aphotog said...

this info sure did curb my "thirst quenching" on my birthday. I sure did wince when my sister ordered a margarita...

Bryan Karl said...

Nice list...

Though I really don't like veggies and I don't drink alcohol... :(

CSS Gallery said...

Wow I had no idea how much those things cost me in calories. My favorite was Vodka and Coke, but now I am sticking to beers, while I am dieting.

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