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Saturday, April 19, 2008

George St. Pierre Reclaims His Title

Way to go, baby! With all the hype that's been building up all these months over UFC 83's rematch of George St. Pierre and Matt Serra, we've all been waiting with bated breath to see what the outcome would be. Well, this fight did NOT disappoint! I swear, it takes a lot to make me buy PPV these days, but I could not miss my man, that's right, MY MAN, GSP, taking back his title, which he did in true champion form.
He completely DOMINATED Matt Serra, totally taking Serra off his game from the jump by completely flipping the script on him! GSP is known as an all around MMA fighter; awesome stand up, amazing takedowns, great jiujitsu and submissions, and let's not forget, he's as strong as a damn bull. George St. Pierre is easily the most complete athlete in MMA, his fitness level rivaled by NONE. But while he usually comes out showing his impressive array of striking skills in his bouts, this time he wasn't trying to play. Went straight for the takedown and had Matt Serra on his back in mere seconds.

After taking him down, he grounded and pounded Matt like a rag doll, and never gave Serra a chance to get his game going. 1st round, GSP. After some more spectacular domination of Matt, the ref stopped it in the second round, with Serra in a completely vulnerable position getting pounded in the ribs and kidney by wicked as hell knees, being delivered by GSP at will. Good stoppage by the ref, and great damn fight!! In fact, all the fights on this card were pretty good. I have no regrets about plunking down $44.95 (!) to see UFC 83.

The only question now is what's next for George St. Pierre? He's at the height of his talents and ability, and seems to get better and better with every fight. I don't even see who could beat him right now. I don't think anyone else in the division is really on his level at this point in time.

By the way, if you ever by chance read this, call me, G. I'd love to chat with you sometime. I mean it! You give a girl a real good excuse to want to come to Canada! ;)

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Urban Thought said...

Go for your FD.

The Fitness Diva said...

Dude, I would seriously marry him! ;)

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