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Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Whole Foods Addiction - Full Blown!!!

Oh. Me oh my. I thought I had it licked, or at least in control. Thursday past, I discovered the Whole Foods Market on Houston St. and Ave A (?) in The Village. I was down there looking for a dread stylist I found on the net, since I'm rocking dreads now. Anyways, as I was walking up Houston, trying to find the address of this dread diva, there before my eyes it rose up from the concrete...WHOLE. FOODS. MARKET!!!!

O.M.G.!!! Ok, you all know I'm a fiend for that place! Here I was on a whole other mission, and out of nowhere I'm greeted by this lovely surprise! :D

So, I went in and completely luxuriated in my WF fixation, still tickled to death by the unexpectedness of it all. Too delicious! The one on Houston is sooooo big, and it's nice and relaxed down there, instead of crowded like the one on 14th St. I languished among the aisles, perusing the new offerings, and seeing what other culinary delights on hand I could possibly get myself into. I left with two gorgeous little salads, one with greens topped with goat cheese, pecans and craisins (OMG, LOVE crasins!), and another with grilled salmon, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, red potatoes, and slices of boiled egg on top of a thick bed of romaine lettuce. I also picked up some fruit and some "Yves if you please" meatless penne, which is a vegan "freshly prepared" dinner in a box. I'm not vegan at all, but I do partake of vegan products from time to time. I was tempted to buy other things that I didn't need, however, was able to have at least SOME discipline. But I'll be back! They will definitely see me again on Houston St.!

So, flash forward to today, Sunday, and all I have to say is why did they go and deposit my tax refund in my bank account this weekend? Knowing that I was gonna stop by the Whole Foods Market in Union Square had me daydreaming during my two morning classes, which I rocked the hell out of as usual.
After work, I headed over to WF with a boat load of cash. It was ON!!!! And this time, not some little basket, NO. I whipped out the SHOPPING CART!!! So, do I need to tell you that my cupboard is now ridiculously full of farm fresh, fetchingly packaged, lovingly cultivated product? Yes, it is, lol. All kinds of fish, fowl, fruit, veggies, cheeses, and some edamame too, line the shelves of my fridge and cupboard. Today, Sunday, fresh from the market, I am one happy chick! It's not often that I get to go into WF and just go buck wild. But today was it, and man, I made the most of it.
Still love you, Whole Foods Market. Call me sometime, 'kay? ;)

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Urban Thought said...


Wow... I like some Whole Foods but I know you have me beat my at least nine miles.

I'm glad you found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

How was the buffet area? Whole Foods is the only place I'll eat buffet food from. Did they have a Jamba Juice in their?

The Fitness Diva said...

Their buffet is pretty cool too. They had some pretty good selections, but I passed it by. No, no Jamba Juice in Whole Foods Market. They do have Naked smoothies, though, which I love!

Along with everything else, I bought some awesome mac and cheese at the 14th St. one yesterday, and it was SO good! I whipped it out and ate it right on the train! Mmmmmmm! :)

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

Just like you huh, feasting on fresh items at the grocers.

Remember to store these well since these ripen fast and you may end up wasting all that money and fresh produce you can no longer enjoy.

Don't but too much. Sometimes It's my mistake. My eyes get ahead of me and I gobble up all the fruits I can buy. Then they all ripen at the same time and I cannot consume these faster than they can rot.:-)

Happy eating! :-) Durano, done!

aphotog said...

love Whole Foods! I got 2 within a mile of me Yaay!
I always smile when shopping there, its great.
I just learned they pay 10 cents if you reuse the bag you get.

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