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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Say Hello to Miss England Bikini, 2008

Um...not bad, but not all that great either. I'm so not impressed. Don't know what the Miss England Bikini contest entails, but I'm thinking somebody knew a judge or two!
No, no sour grapes here. Anyone doing what it takes to keep that body fit gets my vote. It's just that I see better bodies than that every day. I work at the gym, remember? I also live in New York, and I must say, you see some of the most incredibly bodied females here! The ones here that work out and take care of themselves win hands down, 24-7! Mucho competition out this way, Yo! I'm even not lying! So, my standards tend to be pretty high when looking at bods.

Well, maybe she won for that winning smile! ;) A beautiful face she has, no doubt. I'm thinking that Mariah Carey in the pic down below could take her in the bikini category, though!

Maybe I need to get my butt over to England for the next contest! I can fake a pretty good English accent, y'know! ;) But congrats to the pretty lass in the pic. Beauty contests are hell!

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Sharma said...

I think she's cute!

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