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Friday, April 25, 2008

Sugar, Sugar...

I have been cutting my sugar and carbs so that my ab muscle definition can be seen more clearly when I start wearing my midriff shirts in the warm weather. I don't know if this works for you, but cutting sugar and carbs really curbs my appetite. It just balances out my insulin levels to the point where I don't eat needlessly. A few days of no sugar, save for a handful of grapes, strawberries or a banana, and little to no carbs, and I can go without eating again after a meal for hours with not one hunger pang. Cute, amazing little trick that I pull out of my bag every so often!

I up my protein (grilled chicken or fish), consume a ton of veggies, and leave the starchy stuff like rice, potatoes and pasta alone, and within a week, "voila!". I'm lookin' at a six pack! Haaaaa. Don't ya just hate me? lol. Oh, I'm exercising a bit more too, during that time. The two go hand in hand when it comes to stripping off the outer layer of fat and making those muscles stand out.

Now I just have to be careful not to slip too far back into my winter eating habits, which is hard, because I love pasta, rice, ice cream, and cupcakes. The fact that it's getting warmer means it's also party time, so I'll be consuming more wine and alcohol in the upcoming months. Knowing that, I'll just have to make sure to be a good girl way ahead of time! ;).

What works for you when you want to cut down on your weight? Do share!

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Urban Thought said...

That is what I need to be doing.

Instead, now that the weather is getting warm, I am drinking more and eating more. It doesn't help that I wanted to get fit for the summer and I ended up injuring my wrist. Instead of hitting the treadmill and doing everything around it I've decided to step up my social life and get the party poppin.

But I do have four weeks ahead of me before I hit someone's beach. So I guess today would be a good day to cut the alcohol, the gourmet coffee, and start eating properly.

Not that I've been too bad but going out four nights a week isn't all that cool. Yeah, I can do a 28 day fast.

You're tips of what you are doing have inspired me. I will start Monday. I've already made party plans and I'm working a triple and one double shift this weekend.

The Fitness Diva said...

You've got 4 weeks, so that's a lot of time to really rip it up.
The hardest part is starting and sticking to it. However, once you set your mind, and get it started, you're on your way. Just don't slip up.

I'm very strict with myself on the days that I'm working my plan, but I do give myself one "free" day a week.
On my free day, I will have some carbs, something fatty, or maybe a beer...something I absolutely will NOT do when I'm "on". After that, it's right back to the plan.

I did my thing all last week, and then on Sunday I had some mac and cheese from Whole Foods. You think I didn't enjoy the hell out of that after a low/no carb week? shooooooo My eyes were rolling back in my head as I ate that thing! ;)

But I didn't let it get out of hand. The moment I was done with that, I was back to the plan!

Good luck to you, and keep me posted. I'll keep an eye on you to help keep you honest! :)

Akira said...

I used to lose weight with vege soup as it's low in carbo and fat. The usual vege would be spinach, carrot, mushroom and tofu. Other than tofu, my main protein source was beans, nuts, fish and chicken. I hardly took red meat even till now.

I cooked my soup in large portion and had them for every meal and in betweens. Snacks were fresh fruits and beverage was low cal & low sugar coffee.

I did not have any qualms having these everyday as veges and fruits are my favourites. This is very important. One has to like what they eat in order to maintain the weight loss.

The Fitness Diva said...

Hey, Akira...
Soup is definitely a good way to go, as long as it's not soup loaded down with lots of noodles, potatoes, meats, and heavy sauce. The type of vegetable soup you mentioned is perfect.
I can eat French Onion soup for days...sans the cheese, no bread! (even though, WITH the bread and cheese on top is just heaven for me!)
That's a real "get skinny" trick, but not all can hang for too long with that one.

It is easier when you find veggies and healthy, low calorie stuff that you like. If you're forcing yourself to eat certain things, it's really not going to work.
One of my other favorite low calorie snacks is mushrooms. They have practically NO calories at all , and yet they have such a nice, meaty texture and flavor.
Once you're able to find little treats that you like which are so low calorie you can eat as much as you want, you've got it made! :)

Anonymous said...

I should've read this before I posted about my hunger issues.

Maybe I will try cutting out sugar and carbs for a little while...at least only eat carbs once a day or something.

Onelazyrunner said...

What I find to work for me..is eating lots of frozen fruit; mangoes, berries, grapes. Its awesome for the summer and it takes much longer to consume! Also, drinking cold coffee works sometimes after a meal to curb those cravings.

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