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Saturday, May 31, 2008


I love getting caught up in this silly little reality show where one member of a couple suspects their partner of cheating, and gets the Cheater's television show to do video surveillance and collect the proof! Can I just say this is laugh out loud TV for me? My favorite part is when the crew and the GF or BF sneaks up and busts the cheater and his other on a date, in public, in serious "you are now on BLAST style".

The reaction of the guilty party ranges from trying to run and hide from the cameras, to trying to come up with the slickest lie EVER to keep either one or the other partners by his/her side, to an outright diss of the person who set up the whole surveillance thing in the first place. On one, a guy not only finds out that his girl is cheating, but is "doing business" on the side. She was a young thing, and he was in his late 30's or more, so guess who forgave the young hottie and took her back? Yep. He sure did, after trying to run a guilt trip on her for a few minutes.
Another one has this chick working two jobs and paying all the bills in the house while this guy living in her house was not only cheating on her instead of looking for a job, but bringing the girl he was cheating with in the house, AND into the same bed that girlfriend was busting her hump and working double shifts to pay for.
The Cheaters crew and girlfriend, after surveilling them for a few days to get all the video proof they needed, came in the house busted the guy and his other girl butt naked! You never saw a woman try to put her clothes back on so fast! That was crazy! And FUN TO WATCH!!! Girlfriend threw him out (making a big show of throwing random things of his out the door) after cursing him six ways to Sunday (for the cameras, I'm sure), but I'm wondering if she ended up taking dude back after the TV show was over. IMO, a woman that's desperate enough to buy a guy by paying his room, board and all the bills will put up with plenty. I've seen it before!

Question: Why do women always try to fight the other woman in the situation when it's the man that did the deceiving in the first place? I just think that is so idiotic. 9 times out of 10, the other chick doesn't even know you exist. You're BOTH being played, get it? And NO ONE is the better woman. You've both been had! Why chicks go at each other for the kill in these situations is beyond me. I'd be busy crackin' the guy over the head with something. But that's just me.... ;) To be fair, I have seen guys try to go at each other in a testosterone and anger ignited rage, but for the most part, it's the girls that act the craziest.

Well...there went a couple hours of my life watching back to back episodes of Cheaters today. It was silly, it was fun, and now I'll try to actually do something productive before this day is done!

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durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

I really try to avoid these type of shows because they exploit people's emotions and exposes their privacy for the world to see, aside from the cruel fact that it is done for the fun and entertainment of others.

The sad thing is, these are called Reality Shows but there seems to be very little that's real about it. A lot could merely be dramatizations, and the more sensational, the better.

But you're right about the reactions of women, especially those who work two jobs to keep a man. It's pathetic. It's like they're so desperate for affection as if they were never loved in their lifetime and would delude themselves to thinking they are currently loved rather than used and abused. It's hard to imagine that such things exist in a place like the USA. Women empowerment and education has a long way to go even in advanced societies. These women should be supported rather than be made the fodder for entertainment. :-) --Durano, done!

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Anonymous said...

Cheaters is a trip. I don't know why women always go after the women. Doesn't make any sense for the reasons you listed. Beat the dude and don't take him back!

The show is hilarious!

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks for the tip about Entrecard, Durano. I will definitely look into it!

The Fitness Diva said...

I know, Jewells. That's what makes me say sometimes that women are so silly. And why fight to keep some fool that's making a fool of you?
I just don't see the logic!

uriel said...

Cheater are the people who have no satisfaction in life. I really don't have interest watching those reality shows.


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