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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ready for Summer?

Because it's finally here! Time to get out and get that new swim suit and maybe pick up some new shades and flip flops. I definitely need to update my beach wardrobe, so in the next few weeks I'll be shopping for a couple new bikinis! For some of us, that's an agonizing task, squeezing yourself into all manner of spandex and lycra creations just to find 'the one'. I, as a rule, really don't like shopping (for clothes...food? that's another matter altogether!). For me it's something to get through and get over with.

I'm not one of those women that just wanders into a store to see "what they have" or "what's on sale", spending hours trying on this and that. I shop like a guy. Need something...go get it. And exactly it. I might pick up an accessory or two to go with the thing. And that's it! I don't browse and peruse the aisles looking for the next delightful thing. That just bores the hell out of me! lol. Nope. Never been a "girly girl" when it comes to shopping. So, I will decide on a couple colors, think about a type of style I want, and then off I go! Will probably take me an hour, tops!

Then it's gonna be fun, fun, fun in the sun! I can't wait! ;)

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aphotog said...

That's so weird. Your body is SLAMMIN' yet you don't covet it in the latest fabulous fashion when you have the slightest chance to indulge? I looove shopping. I put myself on a shoopping diet though, I tend to go overboard....
I'd love to have a piece of SJparkers closet. My mom says that character was make when someone followed me around for a week;)

The Fitness Diva said...

I've never been a follower of fashion. Always do my own thing.
I do have some slick little things to pop on when I want to show off the hard work, but it's never according to "the trend", or "what's hot". The big department stores and shops never see me.

You want to know when I do become a girly girl shopper? When I'm in Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Key West, Florida. Those tiny, sun and beach ready fun little tops, shorts, cute terry and light fabric skirts (I have like 5 that have the words "Key West" printed somewhere on them...lol), low riser summer pants with midriff baring sexy tops are what I pile up on when I'm down there. In all the summer colors! :)
Then, when the summer comes in NY, I'm rocking my "Florida" gear.
Funny, right? But I love that stuff!!

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