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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Big Mac Just Turned 40!!

I don't know how I missed this, but I do need to give a big thanks to Sheila from Black Tennis Pros for posting about the Big Mac 40th anniversary party on her blog. 'Else, this might have escaped me completely! Thanks again, Sheila!

The Big Mac (two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun!) turned the big 4-0 on July 24th, mere days ago. In all that time, you can only imagine how many billions of the fat and calorie laden masterpieces have been shoved down throats of folks near and wide. As I commented on Sheila's blog:

"The Big Mac is 40, huh? Damn. When you think of it, how can one sandwich have caused so much destruction and chaos on the US health care system!

The Big Mac and Whopper should both take their respective places in the Obesity Epidemic Hall of Fame one of these days. lol"


As quoted by ASHLEY M. HEHER, AP business writer:

"McDonald's estimates 550 million Big Macs are sold each year in the U.S. alone. Do the math and that's about 17 per second. Weighing in at nearly a half-pound, with 540 calories and 29 grams of fat each, that's enough to make nutritionists cringe."

Dudes, that's the US ALONE. They're not even counting all the other countries that Ronald McDonald resides in. They have Mickey D's in China too, right? My mind just went numb trying to even come up with a ball park figure of how many Macs have been sold worldwide.....

Well, I'd just like to say Happy Birthday, Big Mac! You are one of the reasons that I have such good job security. You, and your brother Double Cheeseburger, your cousin, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and sis, Super Size Fries (who's gotten quite large over the years), and your other sibling, Fried Apple Pie, keep me busy all year long! I sincerely thank each of you. Please keep sending me clients and people that need to take my classes at least 3 times a week to shed the fat you pile on their bellies and behinds! LOVE you for that! Your birthday gift is in the mail! lol

Okay, you all know I'm just being silly, right? Actually, I think that our fast food culture is an epidemic of grave proportions, and seeing us become a nation of morbidly obese overweights is really no laughing matter. But hey, the Big Mac IS an American institution, like it or not! The problem is, they weren't meant to be eaten nearly every day, and some people do eat them (and their counterparts) almost daily now. Can you really blame McDonald's for that? I don't know. All I do know is, I personally stay the hell out of there. Can't even remember the last time I was at a McDonald's. Now Wendy's....well.... That's a different story! LOL

So when you're passing by a McDonald's this week, be sure to tip your hat and give a birthday salute. I'm thinking the Mac might make it all the way to 80+. Us, on the other hand? Not so much if we keep eating them! ;)

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Shelia said...

Well, I'd just like to say Happy Birthday, Big Mac! You are one of the reasons that I have such good job security. You, and your brother Double Cheeseburger, your cousin, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and sis, Super Size Fries (who's gotten quite large over the years), and your other sibling, Fried Apple Pie, keep me busy all year long!

You might be speaking in jest, but you know that you're telling the truth, LOL!!

I love your take on this big 4-0, it's a perspective that I had not even thought of. These sandwiches should permanently be retired for the butt salvation of mankind. And no Jordan coming back!

Love it! - Oh, are those Cherry Blossoms on your header now? Very pretty.

Julie said...

Big Mac's are soooo good! But it has been so long since I have one, that I am afraid that it won't settle very well with me anymore.... :-(

Jeff Iversen said...

Did you watch "Super Size Me?" There was a skinny guy in there that eats 6-10 of these per day!! He may be skinny but he is a heart attack waiting to happen.

Why Is Junk Food So Addictive?

Daisy said...

Anything that looks that delicious must be bad for you! We watched Super Size Me, too. It was an eye-opener. My Mommie eats veggie burgers called "Grillers Prime." I prefer real MEATS!

Urban Thought said...

LOL... That was too funny!

I don't blame McDonald's at all. People have a choice as to go into the fast food establishments and order particular items on the menu.

You're down with Wendy's too? I went in there the other day. Always a line though.


I had no idea! That is frightening since I am almost 40 too! Before I became a vegetarian, I loved Big Mac's! No other burger would do and I still crave them (don't tell anyone:). Happy Birthday Big Mac.

Jewells said...

This fast food business is evil. Especially during road trips. When you're trying to get where you're going, who has time to stop and eat? Just go through somebody's drive through and grab some fat and be on your way.

I am not even going to get on my soapbox with this. But I do think we need to stop spending money at these establishments due to laziness. I wonder what would busy parents feed their children if all fast food chains closed down for a week. What would they do?

DineometerDeb said...

Wow. Well that was not the image I expected when clicking on a fitness blog!

Daisy, I saw Supersize Me also, and they make good points but the advertising is just so good that it is hard to resist. And his girlfriend probably made a fortune by selling those detox diet books.

Jeff: They also said in that movie that he had low cholesterol, but rarely ever eats the fries. I think it's the fries that are the worst.

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks for the compliment on the cherry blossoms, Sheila. They are from a pic I took in downtown Manhattan, right next to a high rise.
In the pic, you can see the building and street signs in the background, and it's a cool contrast between nature and the concrete jungle!

Julie, I've never had a Big Mac in my life, because I don't eat mayo.
I'm more of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese girl, myself, No onions!

Hey, Jeff, I saw Super Size Me a couple times, and just cannot even fathom eating McDonald's every day under ANY circumstances! No wonder he got so sick!

Hey, Daisy girl, REAL MEAT RULES!!!
I also used to eat White Castle burgers, though, and the meat in them has always been "questionable". ;)

The Fitness Diva said...

Urban...yo...me and you at Wendy's for real! Why the hell did they go and create a $1 menu???
That alone has wrecked many a diet!
You can go in there with $6 or $7 and go hog wild! ;)
I like the baked potato with broccoli and cheese, and also their BLT salad. Their burgers and sandwiches never really did it for me.
Wendy's fries are my favorites, though, after McDonald's. I haven't had a Biggie fries in a long time, though....

Hey, HNW Mom... Yes, it's pretty amazing! I wonder how old the Whopper is? ;) Hmmmmm....

Yeah, Jewells, I agree. The fast food industry IS pure evil!!!
Why aren't there any healthy food drive through chains? Huh? What's up with that??

koko said...

wondering how many people that cannot reach 40 because of big mac..

Raquel said...

Oh my, it's hard to resist a hamburger like this. It's been 5 months now that I didn't eat burgers and fries. I tried to lose weight.

I have watched the Supersize Me, I don't think it helps but if you are determine to lose weight then you will be successful.

TrinaB said...

The fries are my downfall. I believe the are cut from balls of evil, seasoned with salty temptation and fried in Devil juice. I can't even pass a McDonald's and smell them without my mouth watering. On most days, I am strong enough to resist, but the flesh is weak. Will I ever be free from my fry addiction? I'm not sure.

Strongblkwmn said...

I had no idea I was the same age as the Big Mac. LOL! I've never really eaten them, i'm more of a chicken sandwich girl.

Fast food has definitely been my downfall. I don't really like to cook and it's just easier to grab something quick.

I lost 42 pounds cooking, eating smaller portions, and exercising, and gained it all back when I started eating fast food again. Now i'm at a stalemate. I feel like I don't have the umph I had before.

Fast food is the devil!

SmushPants said...

Big Macs are my nemesis!

Ricardo said...

The big Mac is pure evil but oh so good.

I restrict myself to eating McDonalds to once or twice a month since I saw that movie Super Size Me. That guy almost died.

No thanks! But I may have one to celebrate the B-day.

Fe-lady said...

Yum...McDonald's french fries...Supersize me!

CSS Gallery said...

That's 40 years of clogging arteries, heart disease and cancer, hooray.

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