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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Fitness Diva is Under Renovation!!

NO....you didn't put in the wrong URL. It's still the Fitness Diva Confessional here. I'm just in the midst of learning how to hack my old template and change things up a bit. I was gonna go nuts if I had to look at the old for one more day!

Yes, I know it looks strange right now, and I redesigned the whole thing on another blog and transferred it over here only to see things are out of place and nothing was where I put it on the other side. Go figure! Of course it wouldn't be as simple as I thought!

I built a cool new header that for some reason didn't show up over here when I transferred the code over, but right now, I'm too tired to do it all again. I'm trying on different headers, etc, etc to figure out the one that I'm gonna keep. That one up there now is okay, but I think I can do better! Stay tuned! I'm really happy now to have 3 columns to play with, and that was one of the main reasons I changed the blog. Now, once I figure out how to widen the margins on these columns, I think I'm set! Great thing about the 'net is that there are a million tutorials out here that show you how to do everything and anything, so, I've been using them with pretty decent success so far.

But, no worries....I'm gonna figure it all out in due time! Hope your weekend was a lot more restful than mine! See yaaa.....

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