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Thursday, July 17, 2008

In The Groove

I am having a pretty good, kick butt week with my workouts. Been hitting the running track, doing some weight work, and making sure I get at least 30 mins of a workout in every single day. This afternoon, I'm going to add about 30 laps of rollerblading to the mix, which I need to do anyway since I have a blading event on Sunday. Gotta train!

One thing I'm doing is taking advantage of extra time where I'd be doing much of nothing and using it to get in a quick one. For example: I train a 7am client every day, and usually after training her, I just come straight home and jump on the computer. Now, after she leaves, I just go ahead and bang out a quick one. I mean, I already have the equipment I use with her (jump rope, dumbbells, cones, etc). Why not just go ahead and use them? Also, I've been showing up to work about a half hour early. Before teaching my usual classes, I once again get my own workout in. By the time my class starts, I am so warmed up and sweating like mad that the class reinforces my personal workout, making me burn even more calories. I love it! It's like cheating without actually cheating! ;)

And the gym is my playground. All the cool stuff in there to pick from for a workout. Hmmmmm..... what to choose? Grab the boxing stuff and go a few rounds? Hit the weight machines, maybe? Play with my favorite toy, the BOSU or a stability ball? Maybe I'll just rock the step today, with some intervals of dumb bell work.
Today you have sooooo many possibilities! We're also a lot smarter about exercise than we were a mere few generations ago. Most people today at least know what the word 'cardio' means. That's progress, people! Gotta love it! ;)

Now that my morning workout is done, I can just chill and play around online. Hey... did you get YOUR workout in today? What did you do? If not, what are you waiting for? It's YOUR bod, babe.... better take care of it and keep it running well! Just like a car. And you know what happens to cars that just sit around in the yard or garage doing nothing. They get old and rusty. You don't want to get old and rusty, do ya? :)

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Denis Kanygin said...

I'm sticking to kettlebells. I usually jump in into workout with my stronger clients. We play do-what-I-do. They get to repeat exactly what I do.

It's fun.

2-3 hours later I usually have my 'alone' workout.

Urban Thought said...

Denis: You work out with them and then do your own? That will get the results poppin.

I work out in the evenings. So I already have mine planned. It's the best way to go. No one is really there. You don't have to wait for machines, free weights or treadmills. Plus, you won't have those people coming up to you asking you: Do you mind if I work in with you? or How many more sets do you have left?

Yep... So this evening is when I do it. Three hours of sweat.

Vikki said...

After reading a couple of your entries, I am seriously thinking of hitting the gym again. I love dance aerobics. :)

Shelia said...

NO! I haven't had a workout in almost two weeks, and I haven't really had very nutritious meals! My kitchen SHOULD be completed today. I'm happy with what I see but the work has dragged on over the last couple of weeks. Trying to accommodate the contractors hours and attend to the rest of my life, it has been a real task.

The best that I can say is that I have my Japanese powdered green tea daily (I swear going to Japan changed my life) and supplements daily.

I'm LONGING for a good sweat! It's nasty but it feels good afterwards, LOL!

Ricardo said...

I did get my workout in last night. I did squats, stiff leg dead lifts, lunges and crunches. Loved it!

This weekend I'll do some quick cardio with the jump rope. Then I will hit the weights again on Monday.

This why I love reading your blog and glad I found it. Your stories and others comments about getting fired up for the workouts get me ready to hit mine hard.

Like Urban, I prefer to workout in the evening. But I can't keep up with his 3 hours. LOL!

Daisy said...

I wanted to stop by and thank you for your fitness tips. I am certain they will help me with my climbing!

livelife365 said...

Man, you are busy. I got my regualr walk in, two miles a day (hot this time of year, pushing 100), but missed my cardio and abs--will make it up Monday.


Jewells said...

Now that I have found out that my thyroid is underactive, I plan to really get my workout on. I think mine fluctuates because underactive thyroid has a decreased appetite whereas mine is voracious. So I have gained some unwanted poundage. Instead of chilling on the computer all day, I am going back to working out whenever possible. I also plan to tune into FitTV and do one program a day as well.

Thanks for the reinforcement!

Gina said...

Not this weekend, but today I'm back to the gym. Have you tried Zumba? I'm addicted! You burn about 700 calories in an hour.

The Fitness Diva said...

A good sweat is what we all need, Sheila! Not only burning the fat, but releasing some of the toxins that we take in through the air, food and drinks we consume.
Hope you get to work out soon!

Hey, Ricardo, happy to be of service!
And yeah, Urban and his 3 hour workout is SERIOUSLY hard core!
I think he's been watching that Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Pumping Iron", where they live in the gym all day! ;)
But hey, if 3 hours feels good, why not go for it?

Awww, Daisy, you are my favorite cat on the web! I'll give you some fitness advice anytime! Keep working on that climb, girl! ;)

The Fitness Diva said...

Denis, you must be ripped to shreds between your kettlebell workouts and working out with your stronger clients!

FitTV is great, Jewells! I especially like Cathy Friedrich's workouts. She rocks everything she does: step, weight training, stability ball, core, etc. If I see her show coming on and I'm home, I run and grab my mat or step, cause I KNOW she's gonna put down something FIERCE! Her workouts are challenging and good. I also like the Namaste Yoga, which I might follow for about 15 minutes or so. It's simple, thorough, and easy to follow, even if you're not a yoga pro!

Vikki, get back in the gym! please! ;) Dance aerobics can be great with the right instructor...

Hey, Gina, Zumba does look fun, and one of my gyms has it! I'm going to try that class for sure! :)

Hey, LiveLife, I can't imagine a 2 mile walk in 100 degrees of hot sun! I'm hoping you find ways to enjoy it!

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