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Monday, July 21, 2008

A Fresh New Start

Yep. Monday means starting off the week with a healthy new set of meals for the next few days.

One way to make sure you eat healthy and stick to it is to do some planning. Yesterday, I hit up the old Whole Foods Market and got my supplies. Fresh strawberries (I still have to find that little vacuum seal machine that Model Reicha had mentioned), and also got my flavored seltzer waters, some produce, and a good french feta, as well as other things. Also, some pre cooked asparagus and grilled mixed veggies, since I can be lazy.

I'm also going to have some penne pasta on my menu for the next couple days, because I LOVE penne pasta! I take a little teeny bit of virgin olive oil, sautee some fresh garlic, pour in some marinara and seasonings, and when it really gets cooking, I shave some Romano cheese into it. On the side, I brown a mixture of ground beef and sweet Italian sausage. Cook the meat, drain off most of the fat, and then pour it into the marinara, mix well, and let it cook another 15 minutes or so. The sauce that results is BANGIN'!

Now, here's where I make it easy; I go ahead and mix the sauce and pasta together into little plastic containers, one serving each. I make about 4 servings. I always eat the first one, and then pop the other 3 in the fridge. When I'm ready for lunch or dinner, just pop one into the microwave, make a salad on the side, and maybe even an extra veggie (I got some yellow squash and zucchini this week, because I so love those), and, BAM lunch/dinner is served! I will also pre cook and pre package the veggies too, so I'm not slaving over a hot stove at meal time. Works pretty well for me, this system.
The great thing is, you can also make your own frozen dinners that way. Precook, pack it up, drop it in the freezer for whenever. And the great thing is you know exactly what's in it, and how it's going to taste (unlike some of those mystery frozen dinners you buy at the store).

So, I've got my pasta, my veggies, my salads, some green apples this week (love Granny Smith's!), my strawberries, and my Finn Crisps with feta to get me started on my good, healthy eating week. I also have nuts and almonds laying around for when I just want a mouthful. My Crystal Light raspberry iced tea stands ready and cooliing in the fridge, in a big gallon water bottle. That should keep me honest for at least a few days, no? Yep! I think so!

For those of you that work outside the home, I think that's a great idea too. You can take your own little, premade tupperware meals, and avoid the calorie heavy selections that tend to be available in most restaurants and eateries at lunch time.
You save a WHOLE lotta money, too! Good luck with your healthy eating this week, guys! ;)

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Akira said...

That's the way, aha aha... I like it aha...aha..

But I don't have a functional kitchen to do it. So sad..

Daisy said...

I think you have gotten my Mommie motivated to eat better!

Anonymous said...

Homemade frozen dinners this is a great idea! Thank you this post!

Dirty Laundry Diva said...

I love visiting the whole foods store! It is like chirstmas or something... We are trying to eat all the food we have right now before we move so no creative meals or whole foods shopping for me :-(

Linda said...

I have found another cheap way to get drinks. Take your water bottle, add crystal lite flavors to it and wahhhlaaa, flavored water! Great Value has the same thing even cheaper that is sugar free and pretty tasty I must say! Give it a try ... :)

The Fitness Diva said...

Aww, too bad, Akira! But if I were you, I'd get a little grill and mini oven toaster. You can work all kinds of magic with one of those.

I'm glad you mommie is getting more motivated, Daisy! That means that she will have even more energy to play with you, make you more cool stuff to wear and take about a million more pics! YAY! ;)

The Fitness Diva said...

I love having stuff already done. I started freezing stuff to keep it from spoiling, and it works. I've frozen all kinds of things: marinara sauce, cut veggies, onions, bread.
Pre made dinners was just the next step. Some fare better than others, but then with these you don't want to keep them in the freezer too long.
And when you make your own, you know you're going to like everything on the plate!

OMG, DL Diva, I have a THING for Whole Foods Market! I'd marry it if I could, I swear!!!
Yes, it's like Christmas when you go in there! I have to keep myself away from any area that has one on certain days, or I'd have no money left to pay my bills!
And talk about pre packaged, pre prepped foodie heaven! They are the BEST! :)

Thanks for that tip, Linda! I'm going to try making my own flavored water with some of my Crystal Light. That's ingenious!

Ricardo said...

Great idea and that sounds very tasty. Eating out for lunch at work gets really expensive. And the frozen foods from the store are OK once and a bit but they are so full of salt and other bad stuff. This is the way to go. I'm hungry now.


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