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Friday, August 15, 2008

Fun With Food Friday!!

My favorite day of the week is finally here, and I'm ready to let my hair all the way down! I've been a reeeaal good girl with my power walks, some roller blading and also consuming NO processed sugar all week (with the exception of that pack of Twizzlers yesterday - my one guilty little treat) and pretty much sticking to my healthier eating plan.
I look back and see no errors. SO. Tonight I'm heading out with some buds and we are doing an ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI AND SAKE NIGHT!!!!

OMG. Can you tell how excited I am?? Yes, I knew it was coming and prepared. I hope I can eat as much as I think. I've been being so good that I might have sabotaged myself, really! ;)

Tomorrow will see me doing a few miles of blading with some folks, so all the carb loading should be good, right? That should also take care of burning off some of that sake! Yeah...that's what I'm sayin'! I absolutely believe in the reward system, and my reward will be grasped between two chopsticks in a mere few hours! Can you say SAKE BOMB?? LOL. I can! ;)

Hope your weekend gets off to a great start also. Remember, be good to yourself when you can! I'm sure you deserve it!

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Amy Lilley Designs said...

I'm a Twizzler gal myself...2 a day...and I'm good...that's it for the sugar...I'm a healthy camper...boy oh boy, that sushi looks FABULOUS...ENJOY!!!

Natural said...

you're not going to eat that for real are you. sushi. ;)

Akira said...

Hi there Fitness Diva,

I think I've gotta put a stop to my compulsive eating. You know what, I love to take chips when I settle down in the evening in front of the tv or whenever I'm deep in thoughts. Who will resist at 10 pieces?! The bigger the packet, the more I'll take in until I finally stop when it's 85% gone. Even though I know I've exceeded the limit, I still feel like continue munching and tasting the saltiness of the chips in my mouth. How disgusting...I'm so disgusted of myself and feel heaviliy guilty and a total failure at the end of the day.

I really should start with a new diet plan and make myself stick to it. What's more, the end of the year is nearing!


I am with you! I absolutely believe in rewarding yourself and it sounds like you really deserve it (why can't I be that good?). I love vegetarian sushi and sake makes me laugh and laugh. Have fun!

Jacqueline said...

Well...I guess I didn't have to say "Have fun." LOL!

I'm sure you had loads of it. Get some rest now. :-)

Steve v4.7 said...

Sushi, wasabi, and saki- oh yeah! I could eat sashimi and sushi... today for lunch! Thanks for planting the seed.

Ms. Orange said...

All you can eat sushi and saki? Wow! I know a few friends who would be interested in that, especially the saki part :) I hope you had a blast!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

mmm. Sushi.

Hope it was good and the sake not too evil, come morning.

Doris said...

Sushi sounds great! I reward myself on Saturdays. I love fried shrimp with a good cold margarita! (but right now I'm looking at the sushi and reconsidering) Working hard all week is easy when I know I've got this awesome night of fun ahead of me.

trench said...

sushi is part of my regular diet! Wow that spread looks great!! Mm....

Daisy said...

I cannot think of anything I would rather nom, nom, nom than some delicious raw fish!

edward said...

i like sushi and i work out!

Ricardo said...

I love sake. everyone thinks I'm nuts for drining it but they don't know what they are missing. Not a big sushi guy but sake...WOW!

RainbowMom said...

Ooooh. I so need a little of your self-control. I've just been thinking how I need to cut out some simple carbs but it's not as easy as it sounds! That sushi looks crazy good! Great blog.. you're a great inspiration. :) Peace!

The Fitness Diva said...

Amy, I don't see how you can stop at TWO Twizzlers! Now, THAT is some Discipline! :)

Yes, Natural, I ate it. I ate it ALL! :D

Hey, Akira...

If I were you, I just wouldn't buy chips! If it's too much of a temptation, don't get it.
You'll only sabotage yourself.
Things I know I can't keep in the house:
Haagen Dazs
Little Debbie's cakes
macaroni and cheese
and a few more I can't think of right now.
You have to substitute those goodies that you can't control eating for other, healthier stuff.

It's a process, and you just have to keep working at it.
good luck on that!

No, the sake was not too evil to me in the morning, Susan! ;)

The Fitness Diva said...

I'm a margarita girl too, Doris!
A nice cold one sounds great!

Hey, Ricardo... you're not nuts for drinking sake, but you can sure get a bit nuts AFTER drinking too much! lol

Daisy, you can go out with me for sushi anytime! Maybe you can bring Edward with you! :)

Rainbowmom, it is hard to give up your favorite carbs at first, but you do eventually get used to it when you find other things that you like to substitute.
I do still grab some fries every now and then, though....
Just not as often as I used to.

trench, you must be really happy all the time, because I know I would be if I ate sushi more often!

All the rest of you guys, thanks, I really did have a great time.
Now it's back to soybeans!

Ricardo said...

Oh I've done some things post sake. there's a whole new ricardo that comes out. LOL! Hide the single women!

Amy Grindhouse said...

Those pics are making me hungry! I love Sushi. I am trying to make dietary changes to eat lighter and healthier food and treats like sushi are a great place to start.

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