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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why I Love Hills

To sum it up quickly: they're better than a stairmaster!

I started a power walking group in my neighborhood for people who don't necessarily have the time to go to the gym, or who just aren't into the gym and traditional workouts. Our first few times out have been really good. Late in the evening, with our little wrist weights strapped on, we pick a different route every night and just tear a path through a few miles of New York City pavement.

The best part of a power walk is finding a good hill to power up; the longer and steeper, the better! We found some good hills in a park nearby, and started looping them towards the tail end of our walk. Talk about a good hamstring, calf and quad burn! Just a few fast paced marches up a hill really takes a considerable amount of energy and effort. Your stomach even burns, and I love that, because you can just see all those bad little calories just evaporating away into the sky.... You also wake up the next day looking DAMN fabulous!

So now, I'm ALL about the hills! I am on a mad hill hunt, and will try to plot a route that has the most hilly streets I can find to take the group on. At the end, we wind up at the park and do hill laps. The group is gonna just LOVE me for that! Too bad we don't live in San Franciso!! I'm sure power walking out there would take on a whooole new meaning! ;)

It's a pretty good, uncomplicated way to go about getting a workout in, and I'm going to keep at it. Hey, maybe some mountains would be a good next step..... ;)

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I wish you lived in my neighborhood! I would love to join your group! What a motivator you are!

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks, Heidi! It's my calling, really. I know that in my heart. That's why I'm always thinking of the next thing to do to add to my fitness experience, and I try to convey those thoughts to everyone around me.

The power walks are great, and the thing about it is, anyone can start this healthy habit wherever they live.
All it takes is finding one or two friends brave enough to join you, and it all starts right there! :)

I just finished tonight's walk, and right now my legs are BURNING! :D

Jacqueline said...

That's one of the great things I love about Georgia, lot's of hills. I've probably walked just about every popular mountain we have. Excellent workout and sometimes the perspiration is like rain. I think it's better than a sauna. :-)

hparis said...

when I was first "forced" to walk everyday since my van broke down, I dreaded the hill (well, actually a RR bridge) that I had to cross on my way to work. A few weeks later I'm feeling and seeing a difference in my calves, and I actually look forward to my daily march.

Daisy said...

How neat that you started a power walking group in your neighborhood! I think many more people would be more motivated if they had a fun group to exercise with. We do not have any hills in south Florida.

Tom Rooney said...

I'm a believer in the hill concept too. We have a few in our neighborhood that take your breath away. The legs are burning when I reach the top.

Leet said...

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

There are lots of hills near me. I totally know what you're saying.

Trying biking up some of those puppies. I'm dead by the time I hit the top, sometimes.

kahunaman63 said...

Love the hills too prefer cycling up them though. Good workout, no hills round here like in the tour de france though, can those guys ride or what?

Akira said...

I do a lot of walking when I wander around discovering a new place expecially. As I do not take a cab, I have to walk to my exact destination from a train/bus station. This includes walking up and down the pedestrian bridge, walking at the walkway, walking and discovering the market places especially in Bangkok. I should consider this as power walking as I do have to walk fast to get there on time in order to see more.

However normally, when I work out at slopes, I prefer to jog up the slope as I dread spending longer time at it. When I jog, I would only land my toes on the ground in order to force myself forward. Is this the right way to jog? The thing is I feel the injury at my ankle each time I do it such a way on flat ground and thus I would rather brisk walk when I'm not at a slope.

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