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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Obama's Workout Routine

Well, unless you've been hiding in a cave, you've heard that presidential candidate Barack Obama adheres to a strict fitness routine. Are you surprised? This man leaves no stone unturned in his quest to be the best!

So, just how does Barack maintain that lean, wiry frame of his, even in the midst of a grueling political campaign? Well, he hits the gym just about every day. Yes, with all that he has on his plate these days, the man doesn't miss one workout. Now THAT's some diligence and determination. I'm impressed! I'm sure Michelle really likes it too! ;)

Here is a brief sum up of Obama's fitness routine:

His cardio:

Treadmill 15 mins, stationary bike 15 mins, elliptical 15 mins

Weight Training:

Shoulder presses - 50 lbs

Overhead dumbbell extensions - 50 lbs

lying tricep presses w/ 15 lb dumbbells in each hand

tricep push downs

step ups on a high platform holding dumbbells

heel raises (calf machine) 70 lbs

He does reps until complete muscle fatigue

This weight training routine was obviously on his tricep and shoulder work out day

Obama also engages in a bit of basketball when time permits, and when he can find a game. So, who's the man, seriously? LOL!

I'm liking the idea of a fit, lean, mean president. A role model already in so many ways, the fact that he's also a fitness guy is bound to be a good influence on more than just a few. And I wonder who would win in a street fight between him and McCain...
McCain is a tough old bird, and I wouldn't underestimate him. I bet he's got tricks! But I'd bet on Obama to win in the end! ;)

Now, if this man can keep his gym commitments even in the midst of all that he has to deal with during this exhausting and grueling campaign, while also still being a Daddy and attentive husband, what's your excuse for not getting out there and getting your fitness in?

Next time you start dragging your feet about going for a run, getting down in the floor to do some push ups, or getting dressed for the gym, just think about Obama! I bet he's working out RIGHT NOW..... :)

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Natural said...

alright alright, i'm going to get on it, right after i down these cookies. okay what can i do about my sweet "teeth" - all of em. i will do some stretching tonight and pack my gym bag for work on tuesday. lots of junk in the trunk and under the hood, the glove compartment.

The Fitness Diva said...

LOL, Natural! That's right, get it crackin'! Pack that bag! :)

Acakadut said...

thanks for being my top dropper ;)

Marriage and Beyond said...

Oh that's one interesting routine!

Thanks, fitness diva for the EC credits! I love dropping by everyday. :D

Shelia said...

Hey Fitness Diva!

I agree. I like the man in charge being in charge of his health. You not only look better when you're taking care of yourself, but you feel better mentally, physically and spiritually. And all of that is very necessary to execute the serious decisions that he will be making.

He's a little thin for my taste, but be damned if he don't look good. Sexxx-ay!

Work it out Obama!

Daisy said...

I like the idea of a fit President, too! I am going to tell my Mommie that if Obama can find time to do all that, then she has no excuses!

ps: Thanks ever so much for the EC credits! Winning is very fun.

Kelly said...

I think having a fit president would be wonderful considering we are such an obese nation. It would be a great example and further the idea that it doesn't matter how busy your schedule, you can always fit a bit of exercise in.

As Commander In Chief, the president should be fit...it's like having a fat cop, it just doesn't make sense....

Doris said...

I'm so proud to know that this man might be our next president. You can tell he's committed to a strong and healthy life!

Obama has game.

On a side note, I'd love to hear about Michelle Obama's workout. She's beautiful, fit and her children are as well.



If he can do it with all he has going on then what is my excuse! Just one more thing to impress me with Obama!

Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle) said...

Oh, that's an unusual blog post! I like it... :)
It's an interesting topic, and one can tell he must be working out !

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

Impressive. He could meet Putin one-on-one on any given day. John McCain is certainly out of it. I don't think the GOP expects him to finish his first term!

But like any President, the pressures of work will also take its toll on his body, and he would hardly have the time to work-out. Bush had lots of time, since Cheney was the de-facto President; but working out was not his thing.

I believe playing tic-tac-toe was his pastime, it shows in his brains - if he had any. LOL! :-) --Durano, done!

The Fitness Diva said...

I agree, Kelly, that having a president who keeps such focus on his ow fitness will be a good influence for all. I'm sure that once he gets all the bigger problems dealt with, he'll get to work instituting some program to get our kids more active, and also some programs for low income people to have access to more facilities in some way. I could totally see him doing that.

And yeah, what's up with the fat cops???? Every time I see one, I want to taunt him and dare him to be able to catch me!!
I have more sense than to egg them on, but boy, would that be fun!!
"Catch me, Kopper!!! Come on! Whatsa matter, too many donuts today? You're a snail! Come on, get me, I'm running backwards now!!" The problem is, if I trip or something (cause I swear, that's the ONLY way he/she'll get my fast arse) , it's gonna end up with that heavy cop straddling me face down with my nose crushed into the pavement. It's the only thing stopping me completely! :D

lol... yeah, that's so mean, but they really should hold themselves to a higher standard given the requirements of their job. No mercy from this corner.

But, yep, I hope he gets to show the nation how to be fit!

Kat Olivares said...

Even if he won't be my president, it's nice to think of ANY president to be fit, lean and mean.

Strongblkwmn said...

He's the bomb! It's obvious that the man takes care of himself, inside and out.

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