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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And the Winner Is....

Fitness Diva's Fitness Quiz Contest
The Answers & The Winner

Thank you all for participating in The Fitness Diva's Fitness Quiz Competition!

There were close to 30 contestants, and quite a few of you almost got all the questions correct. They were, however, a bit tricky, and purposely so. Want to see how well you did? Without further ado, here are the answers:

*****Fitness Quiz Questions and Answers*****

1. You can eat whatever you want if you exercise enough.


If you consume more calories than you burn in a day, you'll gain weight — no matter how much you exercise.

2. Abdominal exercises will flatten your stomach.


Losing the layers of fat covering your abdominal muscles will reveal the flat muscles of your stomach. Abdominal exercises strengthen the stomach muscles, but only burning off the fat by exercising and/or restricting your caloric intake enough to create a calorie deficit will get rid of the fat on your body enough to show those flat abs.

3. Exercise has to be strenuous to be effective.


Physical activity need not be strenuous to provide health benefits, it just has to be consistent and a regular part of your lifestyle and habits.

4. Aerobic exercise permanently speeds up your metabolism.


Your metabolism — the rate at which you burn calories — speeds up while you're exercising, and perhaps for a short time afterward. But it doesn't stay that way all day. If you want to rev up your metabolism overall, add strength training to your aerobic workouts. You'll build calorie-burning muscle while you're working off excess fat.

5. The more you sweat, the more fat you'll lose.


The amount of sweat you excrete has absolutely nothing to do with burning fat. It is merely the loss of water, which will be replenished when you consume more liquids.


6. How much cardiovascular exercise should a healthy woman do to achieve such health benefits as improved heart health and weight control?

According to the American Heart Association, three to four days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes is the amount needed to achieve improved heart health and weight control.

7. How long should you work out to burn fat? (not counting your warm up and cool down period)

12 minutes is the amount of time needed for the body to start producing FAT burning enzymes.


And now for the winner. Today's winner got every single answer correct, and was the only contest participant to do so. Congratulations to:

Mia aka "elkaye"

Mia is the recipient of the $25.00 gift certificate to The Vitamin Shoppe, redeemable at all of The Vitamin Shoppe's on and offline outlets. Way to go, Mia, and thanks for playing!
Stay tuned for the next Fitness Diva Fitness Quiz, and other fun giveaways coming soon. Thanks once again to all who participated. Good health and fitness to you all!

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elkaye said...


I am so happy-- Thank you so much!

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