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Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun With Fitness Friday!!

the fitness diva

Contest results!

Well...Guess what? Nobody got all the answers from this fitness quiz correct!
But Jacqueline and tathimbo came the closest, and so even though they didn't win the grand prize, I will award them both 500 EC's for being the winning finalists!
The answers are:
1) Jack Lalanne, 1951
2) Rachel McLish, 1980
3) pilates, 20th century
4) knee

Thanks for playing guys, and stay tuned for the next quiz!


Soooo.... how's about a little fitness pop quiz, eh? Just 4 quick questions to test your knowledge on fitness. In honor of all fitness instructors like myself, I decided to make this quiz about fitness gurus and fitness trends. The first person to get all 4 answers correct wins a $10 Amazon gift card! Ok.... thinking caps ON! Ready, set, GO!

1) Who was the first fitness guru to have an exercise show on television, and what year did this show begin?

2) What year was the very first Ms. Olympia contest given, and who won it?

3) What came first: step aerobics, Tae Bo, pilates or jazzercize?

4) Bikram Choudhury initially invented Bikram Yoga to address an injury of his:
a) shoulder
b) knee
c) hip
d) back

Answers and winner will be announced on Sunday, Feb 1st! If you win, I will need an email address to send your card to. Only the winner will need to send me this info @ exceptional_fitness@yahoo.com
Good luck!

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jacqueline said...

Hey Diva!
Cool! :-)

1. Eileen Fowler
2. 1980 - Rachel McLish
3. Pilates
4. Knee Injury

The Fitness Diva said...

keep the answers coming, guys! I will post answers and winner on Sunday night!

tahtimbo said...

1. Jack Lalanne
2. 1980 Rachel McLish
3. jazzercize
4. knee
Have a great weekend:)

gLoR!e said...

Huhuhuhu I wanted to join but i had no clue of these when i am lack of fitness! huhuh

Daisy said...

I do not know any of them! Except I think maybe Jazzercize came first.

iWalk said...

I only hear some story about Bikram Yoga. It's said Bikram encounter an injury to his knee during a weight-lifting accident at seventeen,European doctors said he would never walk again then. But Six months later, his knee had totally recovered by the help of his yoga teacther.

dragon29 said...

I gave you an award come check it out at http://thepowerofme.today.com

tahtimbo said...

Thank you for the credits. I knew I would miss the third one. Oh well, thanks for the fun quiz!

jacqueline said...

Hey Diva!
Thanks so much for the points. They were a pleasant surprise. :-) I credit Rachel McLish for getting me interested in fitness; she always looked so great.

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks for playing...you both almost got it!
Stay tuned for the next installment...
when, I don't know! ;)

caralluma said...

I knew only the 3rd question. As far as I know pilates was formed earlier than the others. Waiting for results, especially interesting is who was the first to have a tv show.

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Hi Diva! You sure look great...

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