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Friday, February 13, 2009

Are You Psychic Like Me?

And I really am psychic. In a weird, random sorta way. I have premonitions about people and things. And music. Now, before you think I'm crazy, let me explain.

I will have a random thought about a person that I never see or think of, and then, later that day, the person will either call me out of the blue, or I'll see them on the train or somewhere that I go. Usually, it's a person I've not seen for ages. That has happened to me many times over the years. Another thing that happens is that I'll have some random thought, like, about something I haven't eaten in a very long time...say chocolate covered cherries or some rare dish I had at some other time and place. I'll happen to be reading a paper later, or surfing the net, and then POW!, out of nowhere, I see a picture of the thing I thought of either hours and sometimes just moments ago! Or it will appear on a TV show or commercial. That happens frequently too! It's a bit nuts! Also, it happens with music. I'll be thinking about some random song that I like that isn't played frequently, or that I haven't heard in a long, long time. Then, I'll happen to turn on the radio, or be walking down the street later and hear that same random song playing from a passing car or something! Really! And it always makes me go "whoa!".
This is something I've experienced for as long as I can remember. I don't know if there's a name for this particular phenomenon that I experience from time to time, but it lets me know that I'm just a bit "special". lol Or maybe not. I mean, does that happen to most people? And it's not something that I can control or tap into. Heck, if I could do that, I would have put it to good use and won the lottery a few times already.
Do you have psychic experiences or premonitions? I just had another one today, and I really got to thinking about it. I have a complaint against a NYC bus driver, and I filed the complaint weeks ago and forgot about it. It crossed my mind today around noon, and I thought to myself "I wonder if they're really investigating this thing or will it just get pushed to the back of a drawer somewhere". Well, don't you know, an hour later, the MTA office called me to let me know that they are still investigating the incident! Wow!
Ok.... I think I now need to really start asking myself some better questions and having more fruitful random thoughts, like "how can I get a ton of money in 5 days?" and then wait for the answer to just come to me! LOL! Hey, who knows, just might work, eh?
Anyway, these are just some crazy, out of the blue occurrences that I just have to sit back and wonder about! Are you psychic, too? Or is it just me? ;)

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Natural said...

i don't call it psychic, but i do think i know what people are thinking and sometimes i tell them the answer before they ask the question. i have conversations with people all the time in my head. i'm special too. i can also find things by making myself dream about them.


Shinade said...

I'm even worse than that. I almost always think of a person and then they call.

And starting at the age of 8 I also started having dreams about people, sometimes people I knew and other times people that were in my family but I had never met. Some times even dreams about celebrities.

Some times I remember the dreams and sometimes I don't. But, they startle me awake with a dreadful feeling. And I have a premonition about their death or something terrible about to happen.

It happens so much that I now mark things down and tell my family. And almost every single time they come true.

All sorts of strange things happen to me like that. So you're not alone!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!:-)

attygnorris said...

Yeah--I wanna know that too--how can I get a ton of money? Tell you what, FitnessDiva, let me know the numbers for the Texas lottery and I'll split it with you. (I don't really play lotto :))



I have some instances like that but not as many as I like. My mom does and one of my best friends is big deal psychic. I am so into learning more about this.

iWalk said...

When I was still a student, I would often meet the same instances like you.but not these years.

I think I can know the character of a stranger correctly from the fist impression then, I don't know if that's the Psychic too?

Herro said...

Hei, just wanna say happy valentine day and dropping your EC :D

shirley said...

My mom always says we have ESP between each other. She is now 87 and says she wants me to call her and I usually do within a few hours.

My sister called me this past weekend and said I must have been ESPing her. I had been thinking about what to send her for Valentine's Day or just call her on Valentine's Day right before she called. Wow! I was so surprised at how fast the message between us was.

Azure Islands Designs said...

I've experienced many of the same type of things you have...I've also had dreams!

I don't know if it is psychic but I take it in stride except when the premonition/dream is about violence or death!! I've only had a few of those kinds thankfully!!!


Kelly said...

I think a lot of it common, like thinking of someone then the phone rings.

I think that sometimes thinking of a food or song and then it is there is more that we are suddenly very aware of this food or song, so we notice it when we normally wouldn't have.

Though, it very well could be your are a bit psychic.

I am too.

Though, I tend to do it with events. Depending on how close or connected I am to someone, I know what they are doing. I had a friend that I used to freak out. It was kind of fun.

I'd dream something about her, call her and say, were you doing xyz last night? She would be like, how did you know that?

Once I was in another state and had a dream about her driving behind me in a different car than she normally drove. I texted her to see if she got a new car. She said, yeeesss, why? I asked if it was X color. She said yes, why? I said, I was driving in front of you in a dream and saw it.

I do this pretty often. It's fun to freak people out too. I just wish I could dream about the lotto numbers!


Savannah said...

I have these sort of premonitions almost daily! Thats wierd, thought I was the only one lol!

Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle) said...

Hey Diva!
Awesome post!

I'm the same, but I have another definition of it. To me it's called "the law of attraction".

It's featured in the documentary "The Secret" (2005) which Oprah feautred twice in her show. Last year I read several books on this topic (I list some of them on my blog!) and the best one for "beginners" is "Law of Attraction" by Michael J. Losier. A very easy read that even contains drawings to make it easier to understand. (I think it's a best-seller.)

The examples you wrote about - I have them too. If I think about someone - somehow that person will pop up in my reality - I attract them into my life experience - wether it is via a phone call - or I see that person on the street, or get a text message, or an e-mail, etc.

I remember one time, half a year ago or so, a song from the 90's popped up in my head. I tried to youtube it but it wasn't uploaded there (I don't think it was a big hit). Some minutes later though I had opened a random radio station on iTunes - and guess what - that exact song started playing after the song that was on was done!!!!

Really awesome! :)
Hope you will investigate the law of attraction more.. :)

Take care! :)

Sudha said...

Hi Diva, there r many people out there in this world like you.. Even I have experienced the same kind of thing but not very often very rarely..
I remember my grandmother's sister can predict things from her dream.. If something get lost and if she sleeps in a particular room then she says in her dream she comes to know where the thing is and my mom says that they got those things back also lol :))

Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle) said...

Thank you, hope you had a good Valentine you too. :)

PaulsHealthBlog.com said...

Diva, what is your 1-900 number?

And do you plan to buy lottery tickets any time soon?

In my case, I too am psychic. I will be dreaming that I'm a professional wrestler, and I wake up from a dead sleep, with our 22 month old son kicking me!

Or I'll be dreaming about being in the Arctic, and will wake up freezing cold, because my wife has pulled all the covers off of me!

I is a psycho too!

Sadie said...

I have weird things like that, too! I'll pick up the phone to call my mom and there won't be a dial tone - she'll already be on the phone! She had picked up the phone at the same time to call me. We do that all the time. I also get weird feelings when something bad is going to happen within my family, or to one of my close friends.

Starlene Breiter said...

Here is one for you... Next time you drive somewhere, state in your mind that you want a certain parking space,,, and watch, you will likely get it.

It is a common occurrence, you are tapping into the Universal energy that is out there and thats why this stuff happens. I think that it happens more then you think too, most people just dont pick up on it :)

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