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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Use Your Passions to Get and Stay Fit

Exercise isn't always about hitting the gym, jogging, lifting weights or hopping up on the treadmill. Most times, we do these things because we know we should...not necessarily because we love doing them. Truthfully, running on the treadmill for me is not fun. I call it "40 minutes of hell". I'll do it, but you won't see me laughing and smiling about it until it's over! ;)

What I have found is that doing some physical activity that you really enjoy and are passionate about can beat a workout at the gym any old day. When you're doing activities that you really enjoy, you tend to keep at it much longer. The only time you look at the clock is to insure that you get even more time to keep doing your thing.

Almost everyone has some thing that they really enjoy doing, be it dancing, outdoor sports, or just playing and tussling around with your kids. Tap into that passion you have and use it for your fitness whenever you can!

For me it's easy, because I love doing a ton of things; roller blading, playing tennis, biking, snowboarding, and a few more I can't think of at the moment. When warmer temps roll around, you will see me out on my blades with a quickness. Also, as soon as tennis season comes, I can't wait to slip into one of my little tennis skirts and hit the court to work on my inner Serena! I will play until I can't lift the racquet anymore. Now that I have a passion for snowboarding, I try not to miss an opportunity to get out on the slopes and work on new skills. A few hours of that leaves you completely worked. And unlike the gym, it's not something I have to push myself to do...I look forward to these activities. I'm like a kid outside playing when I'm doing them.

dance like no one is watching...really!

Don't like sports? Well, heck, I bet you like music, right? Who doesn't? Even if you don't attend a formal dance class, you can always just throw some of your favorite high energy tunes on and just dance up a storm in your living room. I do that from time to time, and when I do it, I dance like a woman possessed! Be sure to have a wall mirror close by - it ups the creativity, trust me! ;) It's so much fun, and not only that, it uplifts your spirits. You always feel great after a good dance!

Got kids? Use them! You know what I mean. Running around and playing ball or other games with your little ones is a great way to get some exercise. I know all you mommies know what I'm talking about! I have nephews and nieces, all at great ages; 6, 7, 8 and 10. I play catch with them, teach them how to bike and skate, and next winter, plan to take them up to the resort with me so that they can learn how to ski. Fun for them, fun for me - everybody wins! ;) And as I've stated in past articles, it's also a great way to instill a love of physical activity and exercise in your kids.

Me taking a well needed break after tackling those slopes!

So, don't feel like hitting the gym 3 to 5 times a week? No problem. Take a couple of those days you would have spent sweating on an elliptical and go take a dance class instead. Get some friends together weekly to do a physical sport or activity you all enjoy. Get a bike and start exploring. There's a thousand ways to do this! Just make sure it's something that you really love and are passionate about. That makes it easy! ;)

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Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle) said...

Good one, and you're right...
Although the only thing at the gym that I do love is the treadmill. :P

Florida Cancer Hospital said...

Great point of view and good thinking. Sports are part of exercises. Thanks for good information sharing.

jacqueline said...

I really love speed badminton; I could play all day long. As a matter of fact, that's what I did yesterday. The weather was fantastic. :-) Great tips Diva!

Deric said...

It is quite difficult to go gym regularly for a person like me. But you have filled my mind with lots of new ideas to stay fit. I am thinking to join dance class with my wife. It will help us to be fit, and it may spice up our love life :).

Azure Islands Designs said...

You are so right...the more we move,the better off we are!
Incorporating exercise into our daily life is the best way to make it fun...I used to bike everywhere, I also shoveled snow and cut the grass (we have a huge yard and drive way)just because I enjoyed it...every activity helped.


Daryl said...

I like the way you used a different perspective on staying fit. Sometimes for me it's too much like a chore.

Thank you for the tip.

recumbent tricycles said...

Great advice! You don't always have to go to the gym to get a good workout, a lot of our hobbies and interest are great for our health too. I like cycling so I see that as more of an interest then of just a way to break a sweat.

attygnorris said...

"40 minutes of hell"-LOL

I agree that everyone has to discover his or her passion and do that.

I bought a hip-hop dance video to dance to after I had my daughter thinking that would help me workout and learn to love dancing. I really didn't stick to it. I had to accept I don't really like to dance.

Before my child, I used to run. So now I'm just returning to my roots. I guess I kinda like those 30 minutes (that's all I'm doing right now) of hell. :)


Shinade said...

Okay just so you know I use to have a body almost as good as you too! I was 13..LOL!!!

Hope your week is going good!!:-)

Eddy (Massage Techniques With Free Videos) said...

If you love it, you'll enjoy it! Totally agree with you DIVA! Take massage for example if you love to give or take it, either way you will be kept fit.

gLoR!e said...

one of my passion is dancing in a day i need to play danceable music then i join the groove thats i think my exercise a day!:)

Sadie said...

I guess I'm weird - I love the treadmill! Only if I have some good music to listen to, though. It energizes me and I really enjoy it. I'm not really a sports person, though, except for football, and I don't get too much of a chance to play, so the only other thing I do is dance. I love to dance! You're so right - it's so spiritually uplifting. :)

Akira said...

Nothing is more true than this, Fitness Diva.

Sudha said...

Hi Diva, I really enjoy dancing and yes I dance like possessed when I dance..but LOL I do this when no one is at home or else my husband and my son will tease me saying..feels like an earth quake or the floor is going to collapse lol :D

carey @ happysteps.net said...

Yup, being with kids can help you stay fit! :) My little niece just learned to walk and she likes going up and down the stairs. That meant we had to hold her hand and go along with her too. I'd sometimes catch my breath going up and down with her especially if it's a looong flight of stairs. She's such an energetic little angel and we had to run after her sometimes. Great as an exercise alternative huh? :) Thanks for the tips!

oner said...

nice blog

EC dropped

PaulsHealthBlog.com said...

I grew up in eastern North Carolina, which is ACC country (Atlantic Coast Conference). There, basketball is king.

And since my father played football at the University of North Carolina, my brother and I were raised as Tarheel fans.

I was also a sports fanatic, and whatever sport was in season, I was playing it.

But what I really loved to do was play basketball. Full court, 4-5 days a week, 3-4 hours a day. I would go any where to play good competition. I have been where no white man has been before, to get a good run. I've also had the tires on my car slashed, because some brother couldn't handle me on the court.

But now that I'm married and have kids, as well as responsibilities, I no long shoot hoops. I have seen too many people get hurt, tearing up knees and ankles. Last year, my brother-in-law tore up his hamstring playing softball.

So now I do the 40 minutes of hell stuff like you say, jogging and doing body weight exercises.

But I sure do miss playing basketball.

Hawk Eye said...

Great information indeed, it's gonna help me a lot to start thinking which exercise I do like when I'm at Gym.

SO said...

LOL “40 minutes of hell", that’s pretty funny. I know what you mean! I currently work with a personal trainer (Roland Semprie) and the first part of our sessions is the “40 minutes of hell" but the second half of his sessions he incorporates salsa and boxing as well, so we get the hard core things out of the way and then get in to the fun stuff!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

And I looooove to dance. Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, they really get me going. I've been wanting to learn that "Single Ladies," dance. Not cause I'm single, but because it is so high energy. I think I'll pull it up on youtube, and commence to shanking my grove thang! I'm loving your site!

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