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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Health Benefits of a Good Massage

When it comes to keeping healthy, exercise and diet together are what will get you the best results all the way around. But did you know that getting regular massages can also help you to stay healthy?
Other than just for sensual reasons, massage can relieve stress, release toxins from your muscles, organs and lymphatic system, help increase the mobility of your joints and also help to alleviate symptoms of certain diseases.

Here are a few more benefits achieved by getting therapeutic massages:

*Increased circulation of blood throughout the body

*Improve and strengthen your immune system

*Relief of body pain

*Improve blood flow to surface of the skin, thus improving its appearance

*Lessen pain of migraine headaches

*Releases endorphins into the blood, making you feel wonderful!

*Alleviate symptoms of arthritis

*Improve and facilitate the healing of scars

*Lowering of high blood pressure in some patients

*Improved athletic performance

*Faster recovery from strenuous workouts

*Improved range of motion and joint flexibility

*Decreased need of medication for certain ailments

These are but the tip of the iceberg of what massage is good for.

The most common types of massage you can find just about anywhere:


The last time I went, I made the mistake of asking for the "sports massage". I swear, that lady dug her fingers into my muscles so hard I spent to whole time trying not to cry! Even after I told her it was too hard, it still hurt! I will be sure to opt for one of the "gentler" massages next time I go, seriously! ')

Nowadays, you can also get hot stone massages, and massages combined with aromatherapy, among many other creatively conceived ones. I still have yet to do a hot stone massage. Always looks great in the pics! ;)

While it is a bit of an "extra" expense to many, (especially in this crazy economy) if you can at all, try to get a massage at least once a month or every other month if you can. More than just for stress release, relieving sore, achy muscles and just feeling great, the health benefits of a properly give massage are absolutely worth it!
When's the last time you had a good massage?

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Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle) said...

Yes, yes, yes!!
Massages are good, and ONLY good!
It was a while since I got one (when I got my intolerance test) and I should really do it again soon!!

Hey! Btw, you must have missunderstood my post about my food intolerance test... The things I could not eat were the marked red and orange ones - all the rest in that list I can!! :D

croydoncars said...

The narration and the dealing of the subject here is awesome. I like to read it this one and all your previous blog posts too. Gatwick Airport

Kevin in Manila said...

Agree 100%!

I try to get a massage at least once a month.

But sometimes it's painful--especially the quads. I've almost "tapped out" a time or two. Kind of embarrassing when a 90 lb Filipina almost brings me to tears :)

heidi said...

Sign me up!!!!! Love this and a good excuse to get a massage! Hope you are doing well Diva!!!!

carey @ happy steps travel blog said...

Yes, nothing can be more relaxing and stress-relieving than a good massage. Thanks for the reminder Diva! Yikes, I forgot when I had my last good massage. :) Happy weekend!

attygnorris said...

Diva, I could DEFINITELY use a good massage right now. I love them because I feel so relaxed afterward. Anything that relieves stress naturally HAS to be healthy.


Mike Foster said...

I have been getting physical therapy for months since my surgery, and while the rubbing and stretching is similar, a good message HAS to feel better.


Sadie said...

I got a real massage once. It was so awesome!! Hopefully someday soon we'll be making enough money that I can afford to do this more. Until then I'll just have to keep teaching my hubby how to rub me right. :)

iWalk said...

Yeah, I believe Massages is helpful. And I enjoy that!

Tim said...

I so need a good massage too. Its been years. Use to get one once every two weeks.

Love and Prayers,


Sudha said...

Wow!! After reading this I really wanted to have a massage Diva! you have narrated in such a way that I feel like getting a massage right now :D.. In India there are many awesome ayurvedic massage centers..specially in the state of kerala..and it is also ver close to my hometown..so will definitely give it a try when I go there this time :D

EastCoastLife said...

I have a deep tissue massage every month. though I would love to do it more often. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, massage brings lots of benefits for our body. For me, even if I pay high as long as I achieved the worthiness and feel good after. btw, great articles you have here.

Colloidal Silver said...

Very true, a massage can be so relaxing and beneficial to stress relief. Consumers need to explore alternative stress relief methods and this is a great suggestion.

Shinade said...

Okay I'm up for one...how soon can you get here?

I have never had a massage...never ever in my life.

One of these days I am going too!! It was good to hear from you!!:-)

Chelle said...

A good massage is great! I am definitely overdue for one! I really need to start making them more of a priority!

herbalife said...

I completely agree with your points.Good massage will give healthy body as well as relaxed mind...

Wilson Pon said...

I'm a Shiatsu practitioner and I couldn't more agree that Shiatsu is one of the best massage methods of all!

If you haven't try it, you should get into it as soon as possible...

Dentistry St Petersburg said...

Great information about massage. Massage is really beneficial of our health.

Jan said...

I also love massages. :) It keeps me relax and stay active. Great article.. so helpful.

stainless steel cooking said...

I love massages. I wish I could find a part timer that doesn't charge so much per hour. Once a week would be fantastic, especially after a hard racquetball game.

Thanks for the reminder.

Sharon Deloy said...

Did you ever hear of Bowenwork? It is called Bowen technique in Australia where it was first discovered. Much more gentle than massage therapy.
How about the Raindrop Technique where essential oils are dropped from a height of 6 inches, sort of like a gentle rain.

Gold Coins said...

I always feel stress and good massage is what i need. The problem is i do not have time for it.

UPrinting said...

Getting a massage sounds like a great idea... Just the thought of lying there while a gentle hand presses against your aching muscles makes one feel relaxed and sleepy. They're a little costly though. :(

How To Play Guitar said...

Massage helps me to lessen stress but no time for it.

Custom Labels said...

I don't really remember the last time I had a massage -- maybe 4-5 months ago. Which is sad considering how often and hard I work out. I definitely need to go more frequently. Like you though, the last time I went I asked for a deep tissue and she nearly killed me...I'm sure the pained expression on my face was priceless. It really was excruitiating.

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