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Sunday, March 22, 2009

So...What Would be Your Last Move?

I have been thinking about my own mortality lately....don't ask me why. I am pretty healthy according to my last check up, but my mind keeps going there, to the "what if" scenario. What if I was just told that I had only X amount of time to live? What would become my priorities? What would be my last actions before leaving this planet?
I don't usually think in such a morbid sense, but maybe it's some type of self motivating mechanism attempting to make me get up off my butt and finally finish the half billion things I've started and left undone.

So, if you found out that you had, say, 6 months left to live, what would be the last 3 things that you would absolutely make sure that you did? 3 to me are reasonably achievable in that short time, depending on what they are, I suppose.

I know that my first move would be to book a plane and go spend time with my family. Ever the independent, self sufficient one, I know that I don't see them enough. I'd spend time with all of them, and my nephews and nieces would get an earful on how to get through life successfully. I'll make sure!
I'll also make sure to have good times and create wonderful memories with them all.

Second would be to scrape up every dime I have and go to Asia, Africa and everywhere else in the world I can afford to go. Travel and exposing myself to different cultures and languages has always been important to me, and has always been part of my life.
I have a long list of places I have yet to see. Hopefully I can hit a few of them.

Lastly, I'd try to finish every book I ever started writing (there are four), and complete every project that I only conceived of or completed half way. With all of the things I've started and never finished, 6 months won't begin to be enough, but I'll damn sure try!

These things would all begin today! You know that saying "today is the first day of the rest of your life"? Well, no other phrase could be more apt in this instance.

So, what would be your 3 things to complete? I'm sure that connecting with family will be on everyone's list. What else do you want to make sure you've absolutely done before leaving this world?

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Sadie said...

It's so easy to say that we should try and live our lives like today could be our last, but we get so caught up in the day-to-day that we get in ruts and lose track of what's important to us! Great post. :)

I think my 3 things would be - spend more time with family, travel to Ireland, Scotland, and England, and spend some time doing some hands-on charity work.

carey @ happysteps.net said...

Hi Diva... your question got me thinking a lot, although the thought of dying anytime also comes to my mind, especially when attending funerals or visiting the sick. Questions like these always remind me of my spiritual needs and duties. I would then challenge myself if I am ready to leave or not? And my answer would always be no.

Yes, the first thing that came to mind is spending more time with family and friends. Also, I would love to travel and visit more places, but if given just 6 months, I would focus on the places within my country. I would also like to invest in education for the less fortunate kids. These are just some things that I can think of right now... but in my heart, there are million more things that I dream of doing before leaving this planet.

gLoR!e said...

oh well it's tough to list only 3 but one foremost is spending my time with family and friends, travel the places i dream of and lastly be active on whatever charity.:)

Dori said...

Well, I would want to book a flight immediately to go back home and spend time with my sisters and my brother and my nieces and nephews...and like you I'd just tell the younger ones to go for what they want in life. I love those kids :) Secondly, I'd get two comfy lounge chairs and sit in the meadow back home at my childhood home in Georgia with my husband and tell him everything else that I can tell him about growing up there :-) And thirdly, like you, I'd complete a project or two that I've left sitting all these years.

Great post!

JOE TODD said...


and he said
I went sky diving
I went Rocky Mountain climbing
I went 2.7 seconds on a bull named fumanchu
and I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter
and I gave forgiveness I�d been denying
and he said someday I hope you get the chance
to live like you were dying.


heidi said...

congrats on getting fitnessdiva.com! I need to think about this but I am with you on the family and travel and as for the third I am not quite sure. Ever since that Natasha died skiing I have been thinking of my mortality too.

skywind said...

Life is so rich and varied, at a time when we are about to leave, we will think of what? This is a difficult issue. LOL
What is Really Healthy-Health Blog
Humor & Fun World-Funny Blog

jacqueline said...

I've been thinking about it a lot lately because my dad is turning 70 this year.

1. I'd try to mend a few relationships which I've honestly tried to salvage over the years.
2. Buy a sewing machine and make a few cute outfits.
3. Find a log cabin by a stream in the mountains and live out my final days there with a load of good books.

Sharkbytes said...

I only have 2, but I decided long ago that they were the two I really cared about. I am trying to finish hiking the entire North Country National Scenic Trail. (and I'm actually in sight of the goal!). I wrote a book about my adventures on the first half, and the plan is for a sequel of the adventures on the second half. If I had 6 months, I would try really hard to complete those. It would be a tough job in 6 months!

Sandi said...

well I am lucky enough to be around my family now...for the most part. So that's covered. I honestly came very close to death and at that time all I could think of was getting through it. I did have the hope of getting better but with the fear anything could go wrong at any time. I really thought about how my kids and husband would handle it and how he would be as a single dad. I hate thoughts like that but they really are realistic thoughts and it's best to be prepared.

Ricardo said...

I would travel for sure. Would have to do that. I would also go out and have the time of my life in NYC. Finally I'd make sure I'd get in some quality time with people I care about and make it count.

You have to finish those books! I'll buy a copy.

Anonymous said...

Hello. With the World in its current state, and recent deaths of famous people, it's easy to assume that life is becoming worse. But I can't give up because as long as I'm alive I have to do something. Life is only what we make of it.


Doug in Missoula said...

I wouldn't bother to go traveling around the World. I would be writing personal letters of advice for all my family members and I would be discussing the content with them now. The letters would be for posterity. We all want to leave some proof behind that we were here. I think I would go carve my name on a big rock somewhere. Finally, I would give away all my posessions, primarily books and tools, to the people that I believe would appreciate them and use them, thus avoiding the arguments after I am gone.

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