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Friday, March 20, 2009

I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

....OMG....I almost fainted!!!!!

After 10 years of trying to get it, I finally GOT IT!!! I still can't BELIEVE IT!!!

After being on the web forever and getting every other form of it known to man, I checked on it today, saw that it was available and now.....



OH. MY. GOD. You guys just don't understand my relationship with this domain name. Let me explain.
I first tried to register "thefitnessdiva.com" back in 1999, and someone else already had it. Some chick in Florida. I marked the expiration date of the domain on the calendar for the next few years, and would always check to see if she either put a site on it, or let it expire (I was always hoping she'd forget and let it expire).
Finally, I gave up. Then blogger came along, and I got to register thefitnessdiva anyway, just with the .blogspot.com ending. Then, last year, seeing that thefitnessdiva.net was still available, I bought that, figuring that owning the .net is better than nothing. After that, I just focused on building this blog.

In the meantime, about 50 other chicks have come out of the woodwork all trying to be "the fitness diva" on their various blogs and websites. I'm like, whatever....I'll beat you all. Watch me! I AM the original!!

Anyway, you guys know I buy domain names and register names constantly. I get an idea, type it in the address line, and see if it's already registered. Well, I just got curious today and decided to check on the old URL thefitnessdiva.com, to see if there's a site on it, who it is, etc, etc, and WHAT DO YOU KNOW? It came back "No site found on this url". I RAN TO GODADDY and checked!
SAYYYY WHAAAAATTTTT???? IT WAS AVAILABLE!!! Just sitting there, all by it's lonesome. Available! THEFITNESSDIVA.COM!!!
I bought that domain so fast I almost broke a finger! So, now I am doing a 24 hour long happy dance! I finally own my main domain name!!!
And, by the way, you all know the .COM trumps ALL! ;)

Now, look at what happens when you click on http://thefitnessdiva.com.
Nice, huh? YOU BETCHA!!!! :D

And now, I don't even have to build a website. My work is DONE!!!

I just had to share my happy moment!! I'm thrilled, and hope you all are happy for me, too!



Hee hee hee heeee!

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Mike Foster said...

It looks like you most definitely are THE FITNESS DIVA! Congrats on getting your domain name; shows that persistence pays.


The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks, Mike! Yes, I think it does! :)

MakingMoney said...

Wow, what a goose chase for it. Guess it paid off after all. Congrats on getting that domain you been seeking out, good for you!


Shelia said...

LOL! I'm very happy for you Fitness Diva.

**doing the cabbage patch for Fitness Diva**

blacktennispros.com was available the first time I sought to buy it so I got lucky, but I also felt very accomplished in that moment. So I can well imagine that your long wait and now victory is incredible.


Sadie said...

That's so awesome!! Congrats!! You're definitely the #1 Diva :p

The Fitness Diva said...

Making Money, it was a goose chase. Imagine, stalking somebody's domain year after year, hoping they let it expire. I got over it after about the 4th year.... but, boy, am I glad I checked on it today! :D

thanks, Sheila! yeah, I did the Cabbage Patch myself! AND the Running Man! :D

Thanks, Sadie.
I feel like I just knocked out my opponent in the 12th round! LOL! :)

*lynne* said...

CONGRATS! Awesome!! I feel so happy for you, I think that happy dance is rubbing off on me I am grinning to widely for ya :)

pehpot said...

COngrats to you I can almost feel your happyness :)

by the way I won the 1k ec credits you sponsored in Makoy's contest hihi

Make or Break

Arlene said...

congrats, Girl!

fedhz said...

wow! congrats!!! I know how you feel. I lost one good domain because the registrant doesn't want to renew it. so beware of Cheaper than cheap domains.

anyway, i bought my other domains from godaddy. i'll stick to them for good. ^^

congrats! I'm so happy for you!

Dori said...

Congratulations Diva! :-) I'm so happy for you. That is great and girl, the persistence has definitely paid off big time! I love the happy dance...think I'll do one with you. LOL.

Laura-Junkfoodaholic.com said...

Congratulations!!! :) That's AWESOME!

flit said...


Cacai M. said...

Am happy for you my friend. Congrats! Muahhugs.

Caleb - Market Secrets Blogger said...

I went through a similar experience with MarketSecrets.com which was owned by the great John Reese himself...this is the reason I ended up going with MarketSecrets.Biz, .net, and .us extensions.

QUICK TIP FOR THE DIVA: Make sure you get the other extensions associated with the domain as well ;)

jacqueline said...

The beauty of patience. I'm glad it paid off for you!!!!!! :-)

The Fitness Diva said...

@ pehpot, will see about the contest and forward you your prize

Everyone else, thanks!
Feels great! ;)

Makoy said...

hi fitness diva! long time no hear from you. thanks for dropping my site. i hope you can be a sponsor on my oct contest. anyway, i am inviting you if you are interested in placing ads on my site. my project wonderful ads are now gone, i just have manual ads now. hit me back if your interested. thanks!

EastCoastLife said...

How awesome!! I'm happy for you too!
That was a worthwhile wait. :)

your "Health Assistant" said...

Congratulations! you deserve to be the Fitness Diva.com!

MyKitty said...


I have undergone that difficult process of finding a suitable domain name before I can finally acquire hellokittygifts.com. I can appreciate how happy you are today.

Wish you the best in your new domain name.

Cheers! :)

April said...


Sudha said...

Yay Diva, Congrats on getting your domain name!!! :D

benchiegrace said...

wow, it's like you won the lotto with it! congrats...

carey @ happysteps.net said...

wow, so happy for you! I am also stalking one domain name which I would really want for sentimental reasons, hehe... until now it is still owned by a guy but the site is just a main page and got no content. With your recent luck on finally grabbing your dream domain name, I'm getting my hopes up... it goes to show that persistence really pays off. and yes, a dot com is really the best. :)

custom said...

Great job. I'm working on what domain I want right now. right now it is 50large.blogspot not sure what i will get. I also own several other domains. you should edit your html again as you are not do follow :( just thought i'd let you know. take out the nofollow attribute

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks again, guys.

Caleb, I got what I know counts.
Don't worry...my link juice will knock all the rest out of the box even if they do try! :)

Carey, don't you just hate when people buy the domains and just sit on them? There are a ton of good domains out here that have been turned into nothing but link farms. It sucks!

Custom, thanks for the heads up, but my HTML is fine. That tag is not in there. Might be a problem with your own browser.
Thanks for stopping by!

carol at A Second Cup said...

Congratulation. Your wait paid off!

Miss Melinda said...

Congratulations! That is amazing and I love the name! :)

Ricardo said...

That is a big moment because ygetting a domain name you like is much harder than most think. I can't get unloaded.com so I have to get the dash (un-loaded) in there which annoys me. I will feel the same IF unloaded.com ever becomes open and I get it. I truly great moment in blogging history for you.

Wilson Pon said...

Congratulation as your dream has finally came true! I can feel that you're overwhelming with joys and it even better than winning the lottery, isn't it?

Tim said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!!! That is SOO AWESOME. especially after 10 years of waiting. You ARE the original and you do deserve it. No one atches up and NEVER will.

Love and Prayers,


Florida Cancer Hospital said...

Congrats!!! This is great news.

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