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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Entrecard & Adgitize Lists

On some days it's just easier to use your own list, yes? So, if you are already one of my Entrecard droppers, or would like to be, drop your link here:

There are two lists, one for Entrecard and one for Adgitize. For Adgitize, you don't have to be so dedicated. Just have the Adgitize widget up. Scroll down for the Adgitize Linky, right after the Entrecard box if you so chose.

This Is My Entrecard List

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KY's Commonwealth Eye Surgery said...

If it can make my blog so much popular then I'm definitely going to use them.Thanks for such a nice post


the diary said...

hello, blog hop and drop EC here.. :) i hope you can visit my blog too :)

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