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Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Fitness Blogger Has Created An Entire Site Using My Content - Here is His Personal Info

Remember when I told you guys that this blog constantly has an attack of the copycats? Well, I found a person that started a blog in February, and has used over 15 of my posts to keep his own blog full of content.
I did a search on one of my article titles and got his/her site. This guy (or girl) stole the posts, complete with the pics. The dummy even stole the pics with my URL clearly printed across them, and my personal photos that I put in posts, too. What an idiot!
However, he/she claims him/herself as the author of all the works, and there is not one link connecting back to me. I have already begun actions as advised to his/her ISP provider, etc.
Here is his/her personal info:

His/Her Name - Hjalte Sofienfryd
His/Her Address - Hedeparken 121 1 Th
PostCode 2750
Ballerup, DK
His/Her Phone # - +45.21862286
His/Her Email - hjalte81@gmail.

I will not post which site he's on, because I refuse to dignify his site with a link. However, all you fitness/health bloggers should do a search on your article titles and see if there are duplicates on the net. If you do, you can email me and I'll let you know if it's the same site. He/she has a few other articles besides mine on there that are probably stolen as well. He obviously can't write for himself.
Why do people who have no writing skills, no brain of their own and no clue try to have blogs? What an ASS!
I'm so sick of this!
His website is 95% MY CONTENT!!!

Check on yours and if people are copying you, GO AFTER THEM!

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Shelia said...

Diva I almost had a hissy fit when I found the same thing. I usually check my feed stats in the mornings and I will click the links back to sites I'm not familiar with.

This site was a sports site with a tennis section that was comprised of ALL of my latest posts and some of the posts on the front page of the site! No reference to Black Tennis Pro's or anything, and no name or contact data on the site.

I was fuming! I definitely feel/know your pain.

Daisy said...

That's so wrong! I'm glad you have identified the person and I hope he/she will stop stealing!

I am Harriet said...

OMG! That's great! Good for you1

Davida said...

OMG!!! That's terrible, Diva. I'm glad you found out that you were being copied though. Handle it, girl!


Patricia said...

I stumbled your post because people should know about this kind of theft

sudha said...

Oh Diva, this is really shocking!! you should take appropriate action against him/her so that other Dumb people will not dare to do this..

The Fitness Diva said...

Sheila, I know how you felt. Makes you want to whip out a can of Whup Ass! Except...there's no ass to whup! lol
I'm going to try my best to make this guy's life hell, though.
I've been researching what else I can do, both legally and just for revenge. Bunch of stuff left I can still do, if he persists.

Hope you were able to get your copier to take your content off.

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks, Daisy! I'm gonna get him! ;)

I Am Harriet...you have me confused! I'm not exactly sure what you meant, but, okay! :)

The Fitness Diva said...

Patricia, thank you so much.
I'm also going to tweet this post on Twitter. He has no clue what he just started here, and now that I have his personal info, I'm gonna make good use of it.

Sudha, can you believe it? Sad thing is this happens a lot on the web. So many dishonest, no talent people out here trying to scam in one way or another.

Shelia said...

I should have told you that I never had any success. I tried everything under the sun. Fortunately for me the site was just gone one day. I hope that you have better success than me.

Since I could tell that they were utilizing my feed then editing out any of my site info, I went through my feed subscribers, figured out who it was and blocked the subscription. They just resubscribed and I had to keep blocking it.

It's a very unfortunate circumstance because it's very difficult to track down somebody who is purposely hiding in cyberspace.

It's just so personally violating, you want it to stop immediately.

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing this info!

Earlier this week I was reading a new article posted on Dr. Oz's site, realage.com. Later that same day, while dropping on entrecard bloggers, I ran across the exact same article, copied almost word for word. I left a message stating what I had found. I couldn't believe that someone would steal a post from someone famous and who probably has millions of readers.

Kevin in Manila said...

That's a pretty rotten thing to do.

There are thousands of ezine articles that blogger could have used for free without plagiarizing your whole blog. Not only was he too lazy to write, he was too lazy to search for the free content that's out there!

I've had this happen to me also. One blogger copied and pasted my entire article (with pictures) on muscle soreness. She took it down when I contacted her.

Another blogger took one of my Christian relationship articles and pasted it into his porn site. Wordpress shut him down when I contacted them.

Some people . . .

Mike Foster said...

I have an idea: let's find out where this guy lives and give him a little visit, see how brave he is face to face. Just reprehensible.


tahtimbo said...

I can't believe someone is that stupid (well, okay, I can). I'm glad you're going after this slug! If he has any advertisers/affiliate links on his/her site, you should notify them as well. You can be sure they take a very dim view of this and will yank his account. Hurt this turd where it hurts...the wallet. Let us know what happens.

heidi said...

Diva, Diva! This is awful. You work hard to have an awesome and informative site. Glad you are doing something about it. Sorry this happened to you.

EastCoastLife said...

I have my posts copied and even my photos taken, and can you believe it, even the local main papers do that!!

jacqueline said...

I've had this happen before. It does hurt and you do feel violated after you've spent time writing and rewriting and proofing your work to make sure everything is fine just to have someone copy it with the click of a mouse. Stinks!

Shinade said...

Oh my Diva I can just imagine how you feel. I am sure that if all of us photographers searched around enough we would also find content stolen.

I am glad that you were able to get the information that you did and expose this person.

Hey I had a guy take my entire blog over and claim it as his own at MyWebLog once.

That's one of the reasons that you now have to through a process known as verifying your blog with them.

It was a mess. I had to actually write a post requested by them, they also asked him to do the same thing, so that they could see who could actually access the blog and write what was requested.

Only then did I get my blog back listed under my name.

Good luck and don;t give up. but, somehow I don;t see you as the type that gives up!!

Kenneth said...

Hey guys i deal with the same issue all the time on my own websites and blogs a dead useful tool i use to chech for duplication is CopyCape


Just enter your URL and it will search to see if any one has copied any of your contents.

Hope this helps

Mar Matthias Darin said...

Its a non US site which only adds to the frustration. If you have a google webmastser's account, you can report the site as a fraud or as a paid link.

Wilson Pon said...

OMG, it also happened on me once and it's really a frustrating situation indeed! You must send the warning letter to him/her and advice that guy to drop off the contents. If the person still didn't listen to your advice, then you can take a more strict action on him/her!

Ruz said...

tsk ! Tsk! tsk! Cant they at least be decent enough in hiding their mischief?

At least, people will be warned by this cheat person.

Arlene said...

Hi Diva, i wonder how am i going to check if my posts is being copied? Haven't checked that kind of thing ever.

Custom Labels said...

UGH!! That's so frustrating. You don't put hours of your time and energy into blogging and communicating with readers to have someone steal your work. Least you caught them and it will get stopped.

Sante Global Heart Supplements said...

Diva, You can use sites like copyscape to instantly find who copied your contents..

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