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Friday, July 17, 2009

It's Sexy Time!!

Whoooo....summertime, summertime. The sun is coming out, and the shirts are coming off! This is my favorite time of year, because all those who have been working diligently like good little fitness divas get to show off all their hard work in shorts, tank tops, speedos,bikinis and hot little outfits that show 'em what you're workin' with!
And nothing makes it more worthwhile for me than seeing some fine, chiseled, muscley men out here strutting their stuff. A guy who works out hard always gets my notice! Then, we hope for the intellect to be not that far behind... ;)

Anyway, speaking of man candy, these here fellas have popped up on my radar lately. They've been working out hard all winter long. Can't you tell? ;)

Jason Taylor of the Miami Dolphins has definitely been putting some work in! Give that boy a bonus! Nice, lean and clean! ;)

Marat is without a doubt, still the sexiest Y chromosome to ever step up on a tennis court. He might not be able to win the big one, but he beats them all in sexy points hands down. Hopefully he'll still be around to ogle for a few more years...

Okay, this is my future husband. Hands off!! IF I can ever get my butt up to Canada! And can get him to stop training for, like, 5 minutes!
George St. Pierre just embodies everything perfect there could ever be in a man; athleticism, good looks, intelligence, morality, dedication, politeness... DAMN! They just need to mass produce him! Why can't you find guys like this just walking down the street?

Now, I'm not exactly sure who this guy is (Jeremy Bloom), but I would definitely let him work out with me. And spot me, for sure. This amount of dedication to perfect form deserves some recognition. That's why he's here! Let us all hope to see many more like him on the streets where we live.... ;)

okay.... I'm done drooling for now. But, don't ya just love a guy that works out and who also manages to have all the other pieces of the package, to boot?
I know I do. I could just feast my eyes on them all day long!
I need to get out more. I need to watch more tennis, MMA, football and get me a membership to Equinox ASAP! Think I'll run into these guys if I do? ;)

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jacqueline said...

You've been working hard and it shows. You should be getting lots of new clients right about NOW! :-) Congrats Diva, Way to Go!!!!

Fit Jerk - Flawless Fitness Blog said...

DIVAA. It's been a while since FJ been mad busy...

So what's going on? And I agree, nothing like hitting up the beaches and seeing HOT bikinis on HOT women.

By the way your list SUCKS! Know why? I'm missing! What is this? I feel so damn left out.

Now Im gona do a blog post with feisty women and you're SO not gona be on it. ;)

Azure Islands Designs said...

Fun post!
It is obvious you work hard!!! Would love to be client... :0)I can use all the help I can get!


Tina T said...

Love all the eye candy. The problem is the men that look like this always go running with their shirts on, and the ones that run with their shirts off--well they should just stay covered up.

Daisy said...

I am so happy that Jason Taylor is back with the Dolphins. He's so good looking, a great athlete and a nice guy.

Ebony Jones said...

Nice pics! Made my morning.

VetTech said...

Thanks for the "Guy-candy"...you could have typed "blah blah blah" and it would still be a fun post.

Judy said...

OH MY! At my age (68), I didn't think things like this would still bother me...BOY, was I WRONG! LOL...That Jason Taylor is such a cutie!

Style Inside Out said...

Jason Taylor is amazing

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks, jacqueline! I'm having a good summer so far, and yes, the hard work is paying off! ;)

Hey, maybe you'll make the next cut, Fit! You just never know! ;)

Hi, Heather, thanks for stopping in. I can always use a good client!

Tina T, just like at a nudist resort!! It never seems to be the people that you WANT to see naked! ;D

The Fitness Diva said...

Daisy, JT is definitely nice to look at, especially in that pic!
He just needs to stop all the madness and become a New York Giant! :)

Thanks for stopping by, Ebony! Glad to make your day! :D

You're welcome, VetTech, and thanks for dropping in!

Chip said...

Wooow! I like it! You got an excellent article there. It really made my day! Keep it up!

robert troch said...

Well for me I don't spend much time checking out the guys and how they spent their . Nay I say! I am on the other side and I love summer because the work on the female side shows up. Summer dresses, lots of shapely legs, butts and backs. Got to watch where I am going in the summer else I become distracted and plow into a street sign!
You are setting a great example. Yes, you can enjoy the fruits of your labors. Like anything...all you have to do is put in the effort and the time.

toneabs said...

Your post is great and fun! And Jason Taylor is hot!!

tone abs


ooohhhhlalalalala! EYE candy for sure and look at you!!! You look fantastic! Go Diva Go! An inspiration to us all!

Wilson Pon said...

Summertime is the time for us to workout and build up our bodies, Diva!

PS: Gosh, you're really good in searching the men with the beautiful body, Diva! :)

devianty said...

wow it nice body

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