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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kiddies Back in School Means More "Me Time" for You!

Ahhhh....the sound of the school bus pulling up in the morning. The sight of them in their cute new school duds and brightly colored backpacks skipping off to learn some reading, writing and 'rithmetic means one thing.... some well needed ME TIME!

So, all you SAHM's and SAHD's....now that you don't have to go about setting up the water slide, making cute little sandwiches with smiley faces on them, and otherwise keeping the kids busy and occupied, you can take a few moments to breathe deeply, relax and then..... break out that exercise equipment!! :)
Ha! What did you think I was gonna say ... take a nap? Nooooo! This is the perfect opportunity for you to step up your fitness!

Whether it's fitness DVD's, Fit TV, your Wii or just you with some dumbbells and a mat, take advantage of this free time by scheduling yourself at least 40 minutes or so of exercise, stretching and maybe even a little bit of meditation each day while the kiddies are gone. It's all good, and now you have the time!

Better get to it! After all, you know the kids will eventually be coming back....and then those precious moments will be gone!
Get that me time in while you can! In the end, it will benefit you and your family all the way around! ;)

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Azure Islands Designs said...

LOL...nicely put!!!

I always made exercise a part of our lives when they were off in the summer, they swam all day in the pool and when they weren't in the pool they played outside, non of this watching TV and we didn't have computers when they were little,(oh I think I'm telling my age...:0)) we played tennis, and rode our bikes "everywhere"...and I do mean everywhere!!!


FitJerk - Flawless Fitness said...

Heh, not looking forward to kids for that exact reason. I love me and my me time. Selfish? Yeah... bite me.

But mad respect to those who parent them rugrats. Id go crazy.

dihan said...

nice blog..care to link exchange?

Isogenics said...

nice blog thanks for sharing

vize said...

I love me and my me time. Selfish

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