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Monday, February 22, 2010

Connect A Million Minds

I'm not only dedicated to the improvement of one's body and health, but am also a very passionate advocate and living example of the importance of continually challenging oneself both mentally and intellectually. I live to grow, learn and evolve daily, and thanks to my blessed lifestyle, I can pursue further education on my own terms.
I think that everyone should have the opportunity to improve and become as educated as they possibly can, because it does help you to not only be a better person in the world, but to also to be better able to control your own destiny.

I also like to see young people excell and take an interest in the not so typical areas of life, like science, mathematics, engineering, technology and the like, because that really is the future. Forget just trying to be an athlete or an entertainer - technology and the sciences are where more focus should be to really aid not only young people, but all of us in build an amazing, lucrative and secure future. Not only that, you'll end up being intelligent as hell! ;)

That's why I'd like to shed some light on the Connect a Million Minds project, which is designed to provide resources for youth to have exposure to becoming a part of technology, engineering and science through activities, workshops and fun, interesting things to get involved in, thus sparking more of an interest in these areas. Time Warner Cable has invested 100 million dollars towards this project, and I'm also all for it!
Take a look at their website and see what they are trying to do for our youth and their futures. I think it's a very worthwhile cause!

Here is the link to their website: Connect A Million Minds
Here is their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ConnectaMillionMinds

Let's all help our kids build better, sharper, more brilliant minds and futures today! ;)

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Jacqueline said...

This is amazing. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the success of this project. I love this..."The Geek shall inherit the earth." Brainy is definitely cool.

Michelle | Large Format Posters said...

it is good to continually challenge yourself like so. You should not only be healthy physically, but also in mind and spirit.

Dave Lucas said...

Just call me "the lonely brain" ;)

VetTech said...

What an interesting project, can't wait to hear more about it. Btw, ran out of drops this morning so I can't leave my card...so just have to leave a hello instead. :-)

GoodReadWatch said...

I agree that there needs to be more emphasis on science, mathematics, engineering, and particularly technology. I don't think a child should leave middle school without learning how to code. Learning Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all good but are we trying to make secretaries or a competitive workforce? (no offense secretaries)

Don E. Chute said...

hows it hangin fine lady?

I love yur stuff.


Jess said...

A truly worthwhile project!

paul smith said...

great post dear!!
the idea shared by you was really appreciable.....
truly great post...

good work go on!!

FitJerk's Fitness Blog said...

Nice, this is clearly needed. Kids are getting dumber and dumber these days.

It's absolutely shocking.

Barely any of them read (or know how to at an effective level), invest in themselves or do anything worth while to grow "mentally".

Good on you for bringing this shit to light Diva. You smarty pants you.

David Funk said...

This is a great project that EVERYONE should support without question. Regardless of one's education or intelligence level, it is always important to continue growing.

For the record, I'm already a fan of the homepage you linked to! Very eye-appealing indeed!

As always, another great post, Fitness Diva!

Cheap Training said...

Thank for the information. Keep blogging.

Tina T said...

Projects like this are so important. Kids use technology today more than ever, if they understood even a small portion of the science behind the technology that they use we'd be leaps and bounds above where we are now in math and science.

Personal Development Guru at BurstCreativity.com said...

This is an excellent project - I can say with confidence that I definitely want my kids to have an opportunity to experience technology from a very young age. I think that technology is going to play an increasingly larger part in our life, so getting our kids started on the right foot is extremely important.

diabetes remedy said...

Me too. :) this site has great info on how to live well and live healthy. I wish I have that great body. I'm actually gonna try this out. Thanks a lot ! :-)

ironnsimba said...

Technology need not be separate from sports. New equipement is driven by progress in technology. Compare the old wooden tennis raquets and today's ones made of carbon fibres.

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