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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Me, Jared and Breakfast at Subway

So, I stopped by Subway the other day to meet Jared. Well, not only to meet Jared, but also to try out a Subway breakfast for a change. Subway wants everyone to know that they are now offering new, healthy breakfast options on their menu, and I have to tell you, the sandwich that I did try was pretty good! I'm already a fan of the Subway $5 foot longs (although I try not to eat them every single day!), and hey, I got personally invited to this thing. Who am I to pass up a free breakfast AND a photo op? Here is the photo op:

Too bad the photo is not in any way scandalous, because then I could finally make it into the tabloids. However, I must really laugh at how I posed here. Don't I just look like I think I'm the queen of all Subway restaurants? Sometimes I really crack me up! :)

Anyway, they also gave me goodies! And I'm giving them all away! Just comment on this post, and I will pick 3 of you (randomly, probably out of a hat) commenters to receive a $10 Subway gift card! How about that? A couple free meals won't kill ya! And don't forget to check out the new breakfasts at your nearest Subway location. I had the Black Forest Ham with egg and cheese, and would absolutely get that again.

Here is a calorie and fat breakdown of a few of their breakfast sandwiches

Black Forest Ham, Egg & Cheese
7 grams fat, 180 calories

Egg & Cheese
6 grams fat, 170 calories

Western Egg & Cheese
7 grams fat, 180 calories

Double Bacon, Egg & Cheese
10 grams fat, 220 calories

Steak, Egg & Cheese
7 grams fat, 190 calories

They are also made on whole wheat English muffins, so in addition to being a low calorie breakfast sandwich option, that fiber will keep you from being hungry for a while. It worked for me! ;)

By the way, Jared is really a pretty nice guy. I got to interview and talk with him at length, and he really is a great product ambassador for the company, on the road about 200+ days a year. And you thought he was just sitting around eating Subway sandwiches, huh? Not at all, they have him touring both the US and all the other countries that feature Subway restaurants all year long. I was trying to pump him for info on how to get this type of job -- you're well paid, famous, and well fed for as long as it lasts. Sounds like my kind of gig, and just in case you're listening, Red Lobster or Olive Garden, I am available! ;)

As far as the "Subway Diet" goes, Jared lost 245 lbs just eating those sandwiches. I asked Jared if he also works out, because, hey, you can't just diet, right? Well, not only does he work out, but he is also in training for the IMG New York marathon this year. I told him to be sure that they get the money shot of him crossing the finish line with a Subway sandwich in one hand. I wonder if they'll do it?? If they do, remember, MY IDEA and you read it here first! ;)

Anyway, those of you that want a chance at these gifts cards, go ahead and leave your comment. I will pick a winner on April 15th. I just picked that date randomly, for no reason. Okay, good luck, and I hope you win! ;)

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Waterrose said...

I didn't know that subway was offering breakfast choices. hmmm might have to stop there. You and Jared look great!

dossilfuels said...

Nice, Sis DIva....

Is Jared your boyfriend? :D

plin said...

I meant to try the breakfast at Subway but haven't had the chance. I will definitely try it one of these days.

I do have to say that Jared looks good in the picture. A few months back there were images of Jared gained weight and subway was trying to get him back on a diet to better represent the company.

The Fitness Diva said...

oh, you so funny, Dossil! ;)
I don't know, I think he has a wife!!

Thanks, Waterrose! The sandwich I had was a cool alternative, and I will probably get one again soon. With a little tomato on top, it was perfect! ;)

plin, that has to be some pressure. He's under contract, so yeah, he has to keep that weight under control. Either that, or give up that lucrative, life long contract! I know I'd be working hard to keep those Subway checks coming to my house! ;)
24 hour trainers and dietitians! Guess that might eat up all the money, though..... ;)

Jacqueline said...

Hey Lady,
You're looking like a True Diva as usual. Love the photo. Jared should count himself lucky for being photographed with YOU. :-)

jenn said...

I have been wanting to try their new breakfast. From what I have seen, they are very reasonably priced, too.

Apollo said...

Hey Fitness Diva,

sounds pretty good. I have to give their breakfast menu a try :).

Grampy said...

Good Morning. You are simply looking wonderful.Jarred should be honored to stand next to such a gorgeous woman.
You should think about contacting one of those chains of fitness clubs seen advertised. You could be a representative for them.
Have a great weekend.

dossilfuels said...

Yep, Jared is lucky one... We all here know that... :D

Lula said...

Wow, that is pretty cool that you were invited to something like that. I have been in Subway recently a few times and those breakfast sandwiches look really tasty.

I hope Jared crosses the finish line with a sub in hand, that would be funny.

David Funk said...

LOL @ "Don't I just look like I think I'm the queen of all Subway restaurants?"

Actually, you represented yourself well as a true diva, and you look gorgeous in the pic. That would make anyone's day to get a pic with Jared for sure.

I eat at Subway A LOT, but never had their breakfast.

Thanks for sharing this one my friend!

Vic | UPrinting Coupons said...

I love the Steak, Egg & Cheese! Definitely perfect if you want to start your day with a heavy (and healthy) breakfast! I am usually on the road so breakfast is definitely an important meal for me.

SFI said...

I have always enjoyed subway. My current favorite is the Veggie Delight, extra veggies with vinegar and just a tad salt and pepper. ;o) I did not realize that Jared was still their spokesman. Really amazing what he was able to accomplish. Take care my friend.

Cacai said...

I wish subway can have outlets here in the philippines. there's only like 4 or 5 that I see. >_< I would surely love subway's new healthy breakfast choices!

Terry Marsh said...

Hey Diva, I've gotta tell you that after hearing about them on the radio, I also stopped by Subway yesterday to try one of their new breakfast sandwiches, and I must admit that it wasn't bad at all.

I had the Steak, egg, and cheese and though initially, I wish there was a little more steak (OK, so I was a little hungry at the time), the sandwich tasted good and was filling.

By the way... Nice picture with Jared, though I believe that you're the real celebrity here!

Keep up the great work.

Mom said...

Oh yummy. I love Subway. You do look a bit like you are "all that" in the photo... But that's not necessarily a bad thing, is it?

John@Family, Fitness and Finances said...

Hey FD! That is an awesome stance you have there! It looks like Jared is posing to have his picture with you! :)

SoreButtCheeks Blog said...

the breakfast range hasn't launched in UK yet, I guess they are testing them out in US markets first.

djmadmike said...

oh...oh...oh...pick me...lol

Mike Golch said...

Meeting Jared in person,how cool is that.I want to thank you for telling me about the chair areobics.that has helped.along with portion comtrol I have lost 35 lbs.Bless you my blogging friend

Firm Abs said...

I still can't believe Jared lost so much weight. That must have been awesome to meet him.

I gotta try those breakfasts now..

Custom Labels said...

The way you were posing did make me smile...lol. Love that they're offering breakfast sandwiches but(yes I realize subway is a sandwich place) I wish they had a low carb option (sans the muffin).

Cold Mix said...

Awesome stuff. Many thanks for sharing this.

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