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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stop Trying to "Loose" the Weight and Just LOSE it!!

Ha! Yes, I'm being a bit naughty here, because you know I'm picking at all the writers out here that have weight loss blogs and write weight loss articles, but don't use the word "lose" as in "lose weight" properly! Not trying to be mean, but I did wake up feeling just a bit snarky today! ;)

Don't you just love misspellings on the web? I think some of them are cute. But you know what? I got to thinking about "loosing" the weight as opposed to "losing" it, and ya know...they just might be onto something there.....

You can imagine the word "loose" in the context of 'shaking something off of you'. I just realized today that I've heard it used like that before!! And here it is, used in great style by the very soulful R&B duo, Ashford and Simpson, nestled within the lyrics of "It Just keeps Hangin' on". Actually, these lyrics are quite appropriate when juxtaposed with the concept of trying to lose or, excuse me, LOOSE some weight! This song should actually be a weight loss anthem! Here is an excerpt from the song! See how it DOES make sense!


From "It Seems to Hang On"

by Ashford and Simpson

(It seems to hang on) Why
(It seems to hang on)

Like a snowball rollin' down the hill (It seems to hang on)
I look behind me, it's there still (It seems to hang on)
Ooh, like a shadow it follows

Oh...loose me, loose me, loose me please

I can't go nowhere
I can't be the same
I don't know my name
I can't understand just why

(It seems to hang on)
(It seems to hang on) I can't shake it
(It seems to hang on) I can't shake it
(It seems to hang on)

Like a snowball rollin' down the hill (It seems to hang on)
I look behind me, it's there still (It seems to hang on)
Ooh, it follows like a shadow

Oh...loose me, loose me, loose me please, please
{Hey} Hey

Now, if that isn't a song about trying to shake off some damn weight, I don't know what is!!! OKAY. So, now that I can relate it, I will no longer be so picky about whether someone decides to use the word "loose" or "lose" when it comes to weight loss!

If you stretch the mind just a bit, it CAN mean the same thing!! Now, whether you plan to loose it, or lose it, just go ahead and DO IT, okay? We won't be checking for any errors! ;)

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Todd said...

This is one of my pet peeves. Spell it right, or don't do it at all. :)

The Fitness Diva said...

The amount of misspelling and misuse of the right word runs rampant these days. You even see it in printed newspapers now. Sometimes, it's due to a language barrier, but if English is your first language - come on! lol!
It is imperative to pay attention to these lessons while you are in school, people! Be sure to tell your kids! ;)

Other favorites:
The confusion of "there, their and they're" and "your vs you're". I know that they can be confusing sometimes, but if you're going to be a writer, try to get it right!
Proper spelling and grammar are the basic tools you work with!
Imagine a doctor coming at you on the table with the wrong scalpel.
It's not the same, but yeah, in a way, it is! ;)

Michelle | Business Cards said...

I'm not particularly pissed at this type of bad spelling, what I hate more are those bashing another blog for having bad grammEr. :P

The Fitness Diva said...

@ Michelle "haaaaaaaa!"

LOL! I will call it when I see it! ;)

Fulvic Acid said...

I am trying to lose some fat in my body. I have started the morning workouts and also follow a healthy diet plan. Hope I have get a good result.

Get rid of abdominal fat said...

I definitely agree.. good spelling is key. I think it says a lot about how much care your take in what you have to say. When something is mis-spelled, it says to me that you're rushing and not focusing on the task at hand! Thanks for the great blog posts - keep it up.

Aaron said...

I am noticing so many blogs that have posts simply for SEO purposes. They're (there!) full of spelling errors, and the grammar makes me think the writing has been outsourced to a firm using writers, whose [who's :-( ] primary language is not English. At least I hope that's the excuse!

Rox | Click On Portal said...

I think it's okay, I mean it's a very common mistake in spelling. But it is good that you pointed it out. I'm sure a lot of people have learned from this post :D

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Software developer said...

well i dnt consider it as an issue at all... itz the latest trend of expressin views... unless u dnt take it in other way ...

Online Martial Arts said...

it's due to a language barrier, but if English is your first language - learning is easy....


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