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Monday, May 17, 2010

So I'm Going for a Degree in IT.....!

...just in case you aren't in the know.... ;)

Among all the other goals I initiated this year, I also, out of the clear blue, decided to go to school to pursue my first college degree in Information Technology. So, among everything else that's going on, I now have classes, assignments and a GPA to worry about. Luckily for me, I feel ready to take it all on.
This is my first time attending college, and I came to the decision to go for the IT degree because I am just so damn in love with the web that I want to be able to contribute even more to it! When I first started building websites from bare bones HTML and then began blogging a few short years ago, I had no idea how much more in love with the web I would soon become. I live to blog, build sites, create all types of content both visual and written, and to just be one of the regular contributors to this vast, amazing thing called the internet. My increased efforts at blogging for the past couple years only made that even more clear to me. The fact that I can stay on my comp for two days without going outside is another sign that this just might be my next true calling.... ;)
(Honestly, I could live in a cave as long as I have an internet connection, a supply of food and some grass to go out and play on every now and then. Seriously! I need nothing more! ;) )

At the same time that I'm pursuing this, my brother is also going for a degree in IT. It was actually his decision to do it that helped spur me on. He's not as experienced as me on web stuff, but hey, that's why I'm here! He's going for his general degree in IT, specializing in Network Systems, while I'm specializing in becoming a Software Developer. Can anybody else smell a family business in our future? I can!

I also really want to go far beyond just being able to build sites and blogs -- I want to be able to create my own programs and applications. Many have been the times that I've wanted to have a particular feature on a blog of mine, but it doesn't exist, and I have to use some little widget that kind of does what I'm looking for, but not quite. At the end of this road, I'll be able to make it myself, and I do already have a few ideas for programs I'd like to write and create for specific websites I'm planning to build very soon.
I want my future websites to be totally interactive with specific features, and right now, I don't see any of these ideas I have in mind out there. So, in a few short years, I'll just create them myself! ;)

In the meantime, as the first semester wraps up, I'm already getting A's.... ;)
In one of my first classes "Introduction to Computers and the Internet", I seriously had an unfair advantage! Many people coming into college are not bloggers and webbies, and therefore have to learn everything from the ground up. I have to tell you, I aced every assignment I was given in that class. We also had to do Powerpoint presentations (one of our requirements in this class was learning the entire Microsoft Office Suite), and my professor was more than impressed at my ability to "create a cohesive presentation that flowed, was visually pleasing" and that "blended visual, audio and other types of media with the written content perfectly". Hmmmmm..... now, where did I learn to do that? he he he...:) Being a blogger is actually coming in handy, and I'm glad. Heck, integrating media and presenting well formed and artfully put together content is what we bloggers do! I'm so happy that I wasted spent so much time out here building blogs, creating web content, learning how to edit and create images, and tending to websites! It's helping me get good grades straight out the box!

I plan to keep up with my blogging, but school definitely now comes first! I know it's about to get serious because one of the next classes on deck for me is "College Level Algebra". A BIG UT OH on that, cuz I haven't even looked at an algebraic equation even sideways in since...FOREVER!!! Much of my free time will be spent in someplace called "the Math Lab" where I will be urgently refamiliarizing myself with mathematical formulas, methods and all this stuff I haven't had to do for years. Here is where my brain will certainly begin to hurt, trust me! But, in the meantime, I will still be out here blogging, dropping those damn cards, and trying to keep up my presence on the WWW. Oh yeah, and still being "The Fitness Diva".

Wish me luck! ;)

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June Zach said...

Congratulations on pursuing IT major in Software Development! Wow! ^_^

Blogging has provided you a good background that could help you a lot in your college degree. That is so good to hear. All the best for you Fitness Diva! :D

Fitness Boy said...

Good luck to you.

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks, June! Yes! The blogging prepared me in many ways! Great way to while away hours of your life, but still be productive! ;) Thanks for your well wishes!

Thank you, Fitness Boy, and thanks for stopping by! :)

Jacqueline said...

Luck? You don't need any. You have a "super brain." I'm proud of you. I believe you can accomplish ANYTHING.

Diva, go to your destiny. We're all cheering you on!!! :-)

nyc diamond district wedding bands said...

Congrats on pursuing a degree in IT!! Don't worry about GPA and the other stuff as all you need to remember that you can do anything you want to do!!

Dori said...

Congratulations Diva! This is wonderful :) Keep up the great work lady. All the very best to you as you go forward!

jakill said...

Here's wishing you all the .luck int he world. But you appear to work so hard, you won't need luck as well.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Wow...congratulations...a wonderful endeavor!!! Doing what you love will make/keep you happy, way to go!!!


Naye said...

Best of luck Fitness Diva to you and your brother!! I'm sure you will do very well!! :)

Don E. Chute said...

Way to go, a very brave thing to do!

You are now not just a 'fitness diva'. You are hereby, 'Super Diva'

You don't need 'good luck'. Just GO FOR IT!

Peace, Love, and Understanding--Elvis Costello

Alfonso de la Fuente Ruiz said...

Best luck on your new endeavour! As an (you could say so) IT Pro myself and teacher at the Informatics faculty, I am very happy to read of your new challenge and wish you put as much tenacity you have in fitness into Computer Science.
On my side of things, I am doing pretty good at gym, with an average of 12 hours per week, and I am reading your great blog frequently.
And psssst... a further secret: even algebra can be fun to exercise!

vange said...

Good luck, chick!

David Funk said...

I wish you luck although I know you'll do plenty well enough my friend.

I'm glad to be back visiting here again!

Printing Service said...

I feel like I am in the same boat seeing as I would be taking an extra course for design. I'm a psychology graduate, but that doesn't mean I can't pursue something totally unrelated. Good for you!

plin said...

Just saw this post today. Good luck! A love for the web definitely helps. ^_^

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