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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The New Karate Kid with Jaden Smith - I'm In!

Now, I don't know if it's because I have a soft heart for "beat your bully" stories, a love of anything that has to do with martial arts or the fact that Jaden is just so damn cute, but I'm going to plunk my money down and go to the theatre for this one. Mind you, that's something I only do once a year, and when that happens, it had better be worth it!

The updated version of The Karate Kid, originally done by Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita was a great franchise in and of itself. And who the hell knew that Macchio was like a 35 year old man or something when he filmed it? (is that rumor true??)

Now, can we talk about how ridiculously adorable this kid Jaden is? Oh boy, the little girls he's going to be fighting off for the rest of his young days. I also predict that there will be more than a few broken hearts in his future. I already have thoughts of hooking him up with my 10 year old nieces. lol! But, the kid looks like he really trained hard, and let's not forget about Jackie Chan, who I do enjoy checking out every now and then. Here's hoping that the combo of these two turns out to be a good one, and that the movie rocks! It comes out in June. If any of you catch it, come back and let me know what you thought about it. I'm hoping that it does well.

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June Zach said...

Looks like a nice film! Will surely watch this. Jackie Chan is fantastic and Jaden Smith is a good young actor. ;)

I am a fan of the Karate Kid! Hope this remake will relive the action classic with more fun! :D

Brad said...

I liked Karate Kid, but I didn't really enjoyed its sequels, I think the first one is the best.
But there's Jackie Chan in the movie! I won't miss that, and I think that kid would create something "different" in this sequel, look at that high kick on the picture above, this boy got skill!
And.. yes he is cute, good luck hooking him up with your niece.

jellybelly said...

Wow another Karate Kid movie. I don't think any sequel will compare to the original though.

Body Fat Scales said...

Having seen the trailers recently (before seeing Robin Hood), I actually think this may surpass the original Karate Kid -- traditional Wing Chun set in China with a comedic Mr Miyagi!

Jacqueline said...

You'll probably find me at the movies 2 or 3 times a year and 50% of the time, I manage to fall asleep. Nevertheless, this one should definitely keep me awake. ;-)

vange said...

Jackie Chan cracks me up. I wouldn't see this in theaters, though. The last time I went to the show, it was to see I'm Not There, so that tells you how often I go! Sigh.

Online Printer said...

you only go to the movies that much?! Man are you missing out on a LOT! I go to the movies 1-2 times a week. It's a routine I can't live without. Definitely catching this film, I think the kid's got potential.

Philippine Usana said...

I love all the previous Karate Kids movie, so I'll definitely see this in the theater.

Sparkle said...

My human saw the trailer and thought it looked like a cool film (she never saw the first one, but she loves Jackie Chan). Me? I love your "Eye Candy of the Day"... but isn't he a little, uh, young? Or am I just getting old? My birthday's next month - I'll be (gasp!) eight!

The Fitness Diva said...

Yes, I'm hoping that it's good, folks!
Online Printer, yes, I only go about once a year, and I have a multiplex theatre within walking distance to my house! LOL! I'm just too busy most of the time, and when I do go out, I prefer to do active things like climbing a wall or something. Call me crazy! ;)

Sparkle, yes, he is a bit young, but he is special, isn't he?
Don't worry...I got his Mommy's permission first!
When you turn 8 next week you should have a party! Don't forget to invite me! ;)

Martial Arts Supplies said...

I have seen this film and thought he was very good considering its his first outing. Always helps to have a famous and yummy daddy though! :)

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