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Friday, June 4, 2010

Fearless Friday - Bungee Jumpiing. Would You?

My jury is still out on this one. I mean, I want to sky dive, and that is definitely on my bucket list, but the bungee jumping thing? I just don't see why it's so to die for! (no pun intended!). It reminds me of the Batman ride that I went on at Great Adventure years ago. You strap into this little compartment, they take you waaayyyy up high, and then when you reach about 400 or so feet up, they drop you in an instant, and you descend so fast that your stomach ends up in your ears. FUN, right? lol. I actually liked that! Ha! So, maybe bungee jumping is for me after all!

As for bungee jumping, I had to wonder, who invented this crazy activity? And here, according to Wiki answers it is:

"Men on Pentecost Island in the South Pacific have been doing land jumping for hundreds of years.

This ancient custom caught the interest of some students at Oxford University in England. In the late nineteen seventies, they formed a group called the Dangerous Sports Club. They liked to invent risky and sometimes crazy activities. They were some of the first people to test several of what are now called extreme sports. They are said to have invented modern bungee jumping.

In the spring of nineteen seventy-nine, members of the group jumped off the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England. They were attached to the bridge by a bungee cord, a long elastic rope that stretches. They were dressed in black and white clothing and held bottles of Champagne wine. The press quickly reported on their wild activities. The group soon received even more attention when they organized a bungee jump off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.

A man named A.J. Hackett of New Zealand later heard about this group. He decided to make the sport into a business. Mister Hackett worked with his friend Henry van Asch who was an expert at skiing. They started developing bungee ropes and materials. Scientists at Auckland University helped them. The two men knew that people would find bungee jumping exciting and fun. And they knew people would pay money for the experience."

Sounds like a great bunch of guys to be hanging out with, huh?

So, have any of you bungee jumped before? What was it like? If not, would you? If I were in a place that had it, being the daredevil I am, I probably would. I can never resist a dare!
We'll just have to make sure those bindings are strapped on reeaaal tight, ya know? ;)

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nyc diamond district wedding bands said...

I have not done any extreme sports but I would like to change that, hopefully this summer. The only thing that worries me is that what if the cord snaps ackward and sends you flying into something. That's the only fear that I have on that subject. Other than that, I will try it one day!

Dori said...

I'm intrigued by it, but I'm so afraid of heights that I'd probably not go through with it :)

aldon @ orient lodge said...

I have jumped out of airplanes and enjoyed it. I've put on a sort of bat suit and jumped out over a powerful fan that pushes people up in the air, giving an experience at least someone similar to free fall and found that fascinating.

If I ever get a chance to bungie jump and my health and finances permit it, I would try it.

Lainy said...

I am scared like hell of trying out extreme sports. What if instead of fun and adventure, everything turns out wrong?

I hate freaking myself out and I would want to conquer my fears one day. It would be an achievement if I do make it. :-)

Azure Islands Designs said...

I would like to fly a plane myself but not jump out of one nor would I like to bungee jump...I like to be in control and you certainly lack control in those situations... besides my body couldn't take it!!! :0)


Brad Campbell said...

I say go for it, it's scary but sure is a lot of fun, just don't eat too much before you jump..

Jennifer is Always Sick said...

I could never ever ever do that. OMG. I would be so scared that I would knock my head off the ground, or the cage would come loose and crash on me.

There are risks we should take in life, but this one seems unnecessary. Maybe jumping out of a plane would one day be necessary for some people, but I don't see how bungee jumping is anything more than an adrenaline junkie's dream experience.

VanillaSeven said...

It's fun. You should at least try once before you died. A life changing experience.

William K Wallace said...

The thought of Bungee Jumping brings me out in a real cold sweat. I would never do it in a million years...!

David Funk said...

I would like to do that once, and jump out of a plane, too. There are things that could go wrong, but there's always a risk involved in extreme sports anyway.

Have a great weekend, Fitness Diva!

Elise said...

If I ever have the chance to bungee jump, I totally would. I would also like skydiving. But its probably not the first thing I would think to do. But i am intrigued by the thought of 'fearless fridays' make that a consistent post! :)

Tacfit said...

You know... I'm not really sure what it is about bungee jumping that is hard for me to get on board with. I agree that I definitely want to skydive some day, but bungee jump? The allure just isn't there.

Oglasi posao said...

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custom labels said...

I'm terrified of heights. I've always heard with skydiving you're so high that fears of height aren't an issue. But with this...yeah...no...and the idea of being jerked back up in the air. No thank you.

best tablet said...

It's Funny picture. So happy to see you giving it the props it deserves.

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