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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time to Get Out and Move It!

Ok, peeps, the summer is now just about here. No more time for excuses. Even if you don't have a gym membership, you can go outside and do all kinds of things now. You've got organized adult sports, Mommy groups, boot camps up the wazoo, and even just going to the park for a jog, bike ride or some roller blading. These are all open options for you now that the weather is right.

As for me, I think I'll dust off the old tennis racquet and see if I still have any skills...of what little I did have.... ;). I promised myself that I'd hit the courts and polish up some skills last year and never did it. Since we have to pay $100 for a park permit to use park courts for the season (April to October), I'm going to give myself extra incentive to work my tennis this summer by going and purchasing my permit on Monday. Trust me, paying that $$$$ will get me out to the courts like nothing else can, because I hate wasting money. Once that permit is in my hand, I will be out there hitting balls and scouting for partners every other day to make sure I get my money's worth!

So, what's your summer game? And yes, you should have one! This great weather is an opportunity to get out there and move, soak up some vitamin D and have fun.
So, what are you going to be doing? Whatever it is, do it as hard and heartily as you can and enjoy!

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Azure Islands Designs said...

Good for you...I used to play tennis, not well, but I enjoyed it regardless!!!

I'm hoping to get back on my bike this summer...biking was a huge passion of mine ..I had to give it up about 5 years ago...cross your fingers!!! :0)


Dori said...

Thanks for the inspiration Diva! I'm going to be getting out and doing a lot more walking now that the weather is getting nicer here. There are some walking trails that I want to explore and I'll take the hubby along too :)

Michelle | graphic design pictures said...

You know... that having money wasted guilt thing did not work for me. My mom paid good money to force me into going to the gym. Sadly I went there like once a month. I feel sad for the money lost but I just have so many other things to do ;(

Robert said...

I am fortunate as I always make time all year for this. Some aren't so fortunate. For people that can't arrange their time to exercise (in other words keep your body and mind in condition so you can feel good, look good and have energy to do the other stuff you want I would say....You need to look at the priorities in your life, and the ways and means you will use to do it. Not easy, but it's pretty damn simple. Good luck to everyone this summer.

Breast Augmentation Los Angeles said...

All nice discussing here.The exercise and sports in adults is becoming lesser by the day so that must be encouraged and started among the adults again.Also walking is a wonderful exercise of the body and also entails good blood circulation.

vange said...

I went on a good long bike ride with friends yesterday. I love holiday weekends!

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