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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Snack Time!! What's In Your Snack Bin? :)

So, my stomach happened to mention to me that it was snack time, and I had to laugh at myself when I looked into my snack bowl that I keep on top of the fridge and saw this:

...So ANAL....OMG!! I mean, I just have it all balanced out, don't I? And no, I didn't arrange it all in advance for this post! (well, I did stand the two cakes up in the bowl before snapping the pic, but you know...it has to be photogenic for a blog post..;)

When I saw it I realized that here I have the 3 main snack groups:

Not Healthy

Little Debbie Boston Creme Swirl Cakes


Cherry Nutrigrain Bars

....and Healthy! (or 'Healthiest', if you will...)

Good Ole Apples!

I have come a long way, baby, because some years ago that thing would have been filled with Twinkies, Yodels, chocolate chip cookies and Twizzlers!
As for the Little Debbie thing... well, every now and then I just have to have it! And I'll tell you, that Boston Creme Swirl Cake is nothing more than a mouth full of processed creme and sugar (that makes my eyes roll back in my head). But I love 'em! I only put them in the shopping cart once in a while, though, and when I do, there is a little happy dance that goes along with that occasion.

I believe you can eat anything you want -- as long as you don't eat those naughty things all the time. Little Debbie and her more popular cousin, Hostess only get to visit my house about every six weeks or so. If they come any more often than that, we'll be having problems. Those two always try to take over and start running things, ya know?! ;)

So, what's in your snack bin? Anything good and healthy? Are is yours full of Cheetos, Doritos and Double Stuffed Oreos? Or are you a trail mix and power bar kind of health nut? Do tell! I might want to trade! ;)

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plin said...

My snack bin used to be filled with chocolate items until I started to gain weight every year even though I have been eating the same.

Metabolism slowdown sucks =)

Now I try to buy crackers that are low in sugar and can get me through the afternoon.

GiGi said...

Snack Bin!!! Woo Woo! ha ha! Mine's filled with: spaghetti squash & raw spinach!!!

I love to just eat spaghetti squash, anytime, anywhere, anyhow!

As for the spinach... my favorite way of scarfing it down... with ketchup baby! Heniz sugar free ketchup is AMAZING and I go through a bottle a week pretty much! ha ha!

The Fitness Diva said...

Well, goooll-leee, Gigi! I'm glad to see that there's somebody out here that get's that excited over spinach! With KETCHUP on it, no less!! Well, woo hoo, you go girl, with your spinach scarfing self! lol

plin, the sweets will get you every time. I used to love M&M's, 3 Musketeer's and Snickers bars, but I've learned to stay the heck away!
only once in a while, now! ;)

Don E. Chute said...



William K Wallace said...

Only things that are totally bad for me are allowed to be in my snack bin. Jaffa Cakes and Mars Bars, but it is empty at the moment because I went crazy on Sunday evening and cleaned it out!

joy said...

my snack bin is filled with apples and bananas, very healthy. :)

The Twerp and I said...

I have super thin crunchy crackers. Sometimes I have cheetos, the curly ones, they're my favorite. Not healthy I know but they're so addicting!

Kloggers/Polly said...

Well here is my confession: my little snack cupboard has the following choices - West Indian bananas; ready to eat Californian prunes; apples preferably Coxes, Royal Gala or Russets; sunflower seeds; almonds; navel oranges; corney crackers (100% Australian whole puffed corn); dried cranberries; dried ready to eat apricots; currants; sultanas; raisins; dates; pumpkin seeds; plain 3% Greek yoghurt; honey; hazel nuts ... etc

Needless to say I don't eat all of them every day!! Lol! I do like choice though. :)

VetTech said...

Snacks these days usually include hummus & red pepper strips, mixed nuts, individually wrapped squares of dark chocolate and then occasionally the two bite brownies or peanut M&M's or Cheese flavored Sun Chips.

Wilmaryad said...

At my worst, I used to make a Nutella + banana slices foot-long sandwich. No wonder I overgrew my pants.

At my healthiest, any fruit or a handful of almonds/walnuts will do.

At my most Libran (balance, balance, balance!), a cup of hot tea with lemon, along with natural honey spread on some home-made bread.

Jennifer is Always Sick said...

Corn chips - tostitos specifically. Motts fruit snacks, which are actually better than the other "fruit" snacks we had before that were completely artificial. Oreos...well, wait...they're gone now. String cheese, apples, oranges, applesauce, wheat thins.

We're doing better...but those oreos don't last as long as everything else. I wonder why...lol

Julong said...

Its looks good delicious foods.

Berryvox said...

My snack bin is terrible. Kit Kats, potato chips, and bananas. At least the last one is healthy. Which reminds me, I've got to make fruit salad cups for when I wake up in the middle of the night.

Roger said...

Anything low in sugar and high in complex carbs and protein!

Sometimes i have an RTD shake, and others I'm chowing down on oatmeal, peanut butter and cheese.

Great post, as with all of your other posts! I'm looking forward to reading more in the future.

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Personal Trainer Singapore said...

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sean, the fat loss coach said...

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Psupplements.com said...

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