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Thursday, July 22, 2010

When a Salad Stops Being a Salad

....and really just becomes a melange of fats and extra totally unnecessary calories on your plate. Cobb and Chef's salads immediately come to mind. I mean, who doesn't want to knock back bacon, bleu cheese, avocado and deli meats while chewing through some lettuce, tomato and other cool little vegs? I know I like it! But, when I'm trying to cut the cals, all that other stuff (like the cheese and the bacon) has got to go~! Adding those items can contribute up to 300+ calories to what is supposed to be a low calorie option. And that's even before adding dressing! If you're really trying to keep tabs on your weight, skip these meat and cheese laden salads, or at least take the larger portion of items like bacon, and cheeses off of the salad. That way you can still enjoy the taste of these lovely creations without sabotaging your diet. I mean, some of these salads are so loaded and rich that at the end of it, you might as well have had a cheeseburger!

We've become so creative with salads lately that we're beginning to miss the point (well, at least one of them) of having a salad in the first place -- to ingest something a bit healthier than usual and get some fresh vegetables into our bodies. Don't fool yourself into thinking you're doing the right thing by eating loaded salads all the time. Cut back on those extra toppings and you'll cut out a ton of unwanted calories and fat.

I need to go and de fat a Cobb Salad I bought from Wendy's this afternoon as we speak. Hey, I had to try it! They just came out with their Cobb salad, and Cobb has always been a guilty favorite. I was already addicted to that Mandarin Orange one....once I knock off some of that bacon and cheese, we will be in business! ;)

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Hitendra Bari said...

A one of the nice post on weightloss

Don E. Chute said...


I stumbled on something new to me. I was searching for something to have in the fridge.

I had tomatoes, cucumber, onion. No lettuce. What to do? I also had, 'Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins'(bread).

I made a salad sandwich, drizzled with EVOO, and vinegar, salt/pepper.


Keep blogging on health/fitness, you truly help the folks.


The Fitness Diva said...

Awwwww, Don... good people like you make all the work worth while! Hope you enjoyed that veggie sammich! ;)

Thanks for stopping by, Hitendra! ;)

Colloidal Silver said...

I am as guilty as the next guy for wanting a salad that is huge and full of all sorts of goodies. I realize that it is no longer a healthy choice, but in my head I justify it to be just that!

Jennifer is Always Sick said...

I have to agree and disagree with you here. I think there is potential to go overboard but still not feel guilty because "I'm eating salad". You're right - adding things like bacon is just a lousy idea. However, a little bit of protein in the salad is actually a good thing.

When I eat salad, it's not for the low calorie option, but for the healthy fresh vegetables. Some raw spinach, red onion and cucumber with an olive oil vinaigrette is great. Add a touch of shredded cheese for some much needed calcium and protein, and it's great. While the spinach does have calcium, it's really not as much as dairy products.

I'm not saying pile on the blue cheese (in fact, I think it's nasty), but a little shredded cheddar is actually good for you.

Bry said...

I would much rather have a salad thats just positively packed with VEGGIES instead of bacon and cheese. Give me a light dressing and grilled chicken with all the greens I can handle!

Annie said...

I am guilty!! I make my salad a meal, not a weight loss endeavor. I love meat, avocado, egg, cheese, nuts and lots more. Actually I should probably come up with another name for it because by the time I am finished, you could barely call it a salad.

VetTech said...

After years on Atkins, I have a real fondness for dinner salads. I love Turkey Cobb and my favorite is chicken Caesar. I really don't think its that bad, I think you can make one for less calories just by using less of each of the caloric-ally dense ingredients and upping the veggies. Two strips of baccon is not going to make or break the salad and will give it TON of flavor...the real issue are the people who put 1/3 a botlle of dressing on.

Robin said...

Hi Fitness Diva,
I like my salads with lean protein. I like to use ham or grilled chicken. It takes longer to digest protein and it helps you to stay fuller longer. Nice article and have a wonderful day! :)

The Fitness Diva said...

The proteins are not the bad part...I actually love grilled chicken in my salad and lean sliced steak when i can get it. I have seen salads drowned in cheeses, fancy sauces and all other types of hi cal goods these days, though. I call them 'salads gone wild!' ;)

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