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Friday, December 22, 2006

And a Happy Ho-Ho, Ring Ding, and some Pie....

Whether you're happy, sad, pissed, or just blank on the emotional scale, FOOD is always there to comfort, excite or please you. Funny....those are some of the same qualities we're all looking for in a mate!! Wow! I just had a lightbulb moment!! :D
---Happy Holdays, every one, and eat, drink, drink, and be Merry!!

   (and then get your ass back to the GYM!)

Calorie Cost of a Few Holiday Treats
By The Associated Press

-- Want to know how long you'll need to dance to burn off that slab of Christmas ham, or how much time you should spend walking to work off that piece of pecan pie? Here are a few examples:

__Six ounces of honey-glazed ham, 26 minutes swimming

__Four bite-size mini pizzas, 23 minutes running

__A cracker with cheese, 8 minutes bike riding

__A candy cane, 19 minutes of yoga

__A slice of fruitcake, 55 minutes of dancing

__One small slice of pecan pie, 54 minutes of biking. _Or an hour of swimming. A 1-hour, 11-minute run. Two hours and 10 minutes of walking. Or 2 hours and 51 minutes of yoga.

Source: Charles Stuart Platkin, author of "The Diet Detective's Count Down""
Calculations are for a 155-pound person
add time if you're lighter, subtract time if you're heavier.

     Got some Beef??!!! Put it right here,baby!


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