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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Where's the Booty?

I am losing my mind!! I am so knee deep in work and tasks for my websites, not to mention the fact that I still have a JOB, that I barely have time to breathe! Forget about a social life! That went down the tubes the minute I started this whole process of leaving my job and becoming independent. Yet, I know it will all be worth it in the long run! It had better be!

I haven't had a date in forever!! Well, not a REAL date. A couple nice booty calls, yeah. But a girl can't live by booty calls alone! I haven't been in a relationship in a while, but you know what? I don't WANT to be in a relationship. Ha! That's a first! I remember when the one thing I wanted was to hear my loved one's key turning in the door every night. To have someone sooo deeply in love with me, and ALL UP in my life. I was also consumed with the thought of having BABIES!
It's so funny how I no longer think that way. So many other things are more important to me at this stage of the game. Like establishing my businesses so I can quit this damn job!
Being so financially secure, that I can write my own ticket, wake up every day and DECIDE what the hell I want to do, where I want to be, and how I want to spend my time. That ain't gonna be easy! But I'ma do it!

On the romantic front, I do miss being wooed and adored by some hot man, even if only on a casual, part time basis. Now, I know that sounds like Booty Calling, right? Well, I'm kinda looking for "Booty Call Deluxe". That's where you get the hot sex AND there's at least a little bit of an emotional attachment. I don't want a boyfriend or (God, no!) a husband, but to have someone out there that I know gives a damn, thinks I'm a sexy, fabulous chick, and remembers my birthday and helps me celebrate a special occasion every now and then.... that would be FRICKIN' GREAT!!!
Where the hell can I get that? And to also have it with a guy that's not also sleeping with everyone else on the planet? Now, understand, I'm not talking 'monogamy'....but I am hoping for a man who is at least selective, and in control of his hormones.

Once again, where can I find that? Anybody got any ideas? Let a girl know! Give me the 411, y'all!

Okay....gotta work!! No rest for me until my empire is built!


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