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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Media is Picking on Tyra??

I would say so.... As we all know, the tabloids can be a bit mean, and when they find something about a person to pick apart and use to tear them to shreds, they do it gleefully. Such maliciousness really should be outlawed.
What I like about the whole situation is how Ms. Banks stood up to it all, and showed herself to be the real, emotion on her sleeve wearing, fearless icon that we all love. Kudos to you, Tyra, for facing this media maelstrom head on! It's not easy being a Diva, and I think I might have mentioned that once or twice before...
You get equal measures of love and hate at the same time.

What this whole situation points out is that there really IS immense pressure these days to be bone thin, and to hold up to a sick, eating disorder inducing standard of beauty. Here on my blog, I give you all tips, websites, diet sources and all the resources I can get my hands on to promote a healthy version of fitness. But in the wrong hands, all of it can really go too far.

I myself am subject to the same pressures of looking a certain way, especially due to my profession. I stand in front of roughly 120 - 150 people a day, teaching fitness classes, and presenting this Uber Fitness Diva image, and let me tell you, when I put on a few pounds (as is NORMAL, people) I hear about it. Not when I put the weight on, but when I take it back down a couple notches. When I lose weight, people make SUCH a big fuss about the way I NOW look. You'd think I'd discovered the cure for cancer or something. "Oh you look AMAZING!" "Oh my God, your body looks AWESOME! You lost A LOT of weight!!" In the meantime, I'd probably dropped
about 7-10 lbs, but they make it seem like I was 50lbs heavier before that.
All the adulation and respect for losing weight can be intoxicating to the wrong person. I merely point out that I really didn't look bad before. 'What are you trying to tell me? That I used to look like a baby hippo, but now I'm okay?' That's how it sounds!

You don't have to be a media icon to get this pressure to be thin. We all get it from friends, family, mates, co workers, bosses, etc. It's a vicious thing.

I always tell people that as long as your body performs the way you want it to (I can run 6-8 miles whether I'm a size 6 or a 10), and you're not jeopardizing your health by being obese, the hell with what other people think. We have to stop allowing other people's opinions to shape who and what we are. I smilingly tell the ladies in my classes when they exclaim over my body that their overreaction is exactly what causes people to have eating disorders. Tell me that I look fabulous when I'm not a size 6 also. Because I actually do. And so do you!
Go get 'em, Tyra!

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And Serena Willams is the messenger of THAT little adage. After being taunted and accused of being "out of shape", she advanced to the final of the 2007 Australian Open and PUMMELLED #1 ranked Maria Sharapova to smithereens!! Not only did she win in grand style, but she stunned all her naysayers into an embarassed SILENCE!

WAY TO GO, Serena! Williams has never been a "skinny little thing" like some of the other tennis players, and other celebrated female athletes, but she shows you that FITNESS is what it's about, NOT thinness. Now of course there are limits to that theory, but the point is, if your body can do everything you ask of it, you're doing pretty good. If you can run, climb stairs without losing your breath, and meet the physical demands of your life and your preferred sport, you've got it going on! Keep it up! You too, Serena! I'm rooting for ya, girl! A great role model, if ever there was one....


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