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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

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How's It Going So Far?...

January 19, 2007

So, here we are, nearly 3 weeks in with the new plan, the new idea, our newfound resolve....and if you really did dive in, you know that it's not as simple as some make it seem. This is WORK!! However, you gotta look at the bigger picture; your long term goal, and all the goodies you're gonna get at the end of the rainbow. A better body, more energy, feeling better about yourself, or for some, a kick ass shopping spree with all the trimmings......nothing else really compares to the first 3 things, because once you have those firmly in hand, everything else you want becomes easier to get! Trust me when I tell you, IT'S ALL WORTH IT! So keep it up! :)

And if you haven't gotten the ball rolling yet, it's still not too late. Make the decision to do at least ONE thing differently today, such as changing what you snack on. Choose fruit, grilled veggies, or an energy bar {check the sugar content first}, instead of the cheesecake, the cheeseburger, the fried calamari or whatever your usual guilty pleasure is. Knowing that you're going out with the buds on the weekend, or after work, make a plan to have one less high calorie drink (beer, alcohol, soda, juice) and substitute a diet drink or water sometime during the festivities. Here's a cool bar tip: drink one glass of water before you have your alcoholic beverage, and then you won't want too much more liquid in your system. Watch out for that bar food! Those appetizers are laden with fatty calories!! Opt for the wings ( sans dipping sauce, and don't go hog wild on them), or something not fried, and use your own common sense.

Ever heard of a diet rum and coke? Yep, you can cut the calories that way too! Start finding good things to substitute for all the naughty ones.....and then your discipline will start to grow some muscle! ;). After all, DISCIPLINE is the name of THIS game! Good luck!

PS**And don't skip your workouts. Each and every one counts!

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The Fix Is In!!!!

January 12, 2007

Oh boy.....I was doing so good, just drinking my Crystal Light, and cutting out the cans of Coke and those big cans of Arizona Iced tea, Mucho Mango and Fruit Punch....I was going thru about 8-10 of those a day (combined) before I stopped that mess! Cutting out that sugar allowed me to eat pretty much what I want, and that, in a nutshell, was my system! And it worked!!!

Now...flash forward to after the holidays, and I let a few Yodels, some Little Debbies, 3 Musketeers and M&Ms slip in thru the cracks. Now I'm craving sugar all day, every day, to the point where I just went thru a box of Little Debbies in two days flat! I just got a bag of strawberry filled Veronas today, and as I'm sitting here eating them, I'm noticing my cute, slim lil' waist ain't so lil' right now.....HEEELLP, dammit!!!! Oh, wait. I'm the Fitness Diva, right?

Right! You bet the hell I am. Sleeping on the job is NOT an option!

Ok....this sugar crap ends right now!!! (soon as I finish these Veronas) Seriously!!! I cannot be the Fat Fitness Diva! That just ain't gonna fly......Ok...here go the last two cookies.....

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So, here it is, another year....another chance to take a crack at success. How did your last year's resolutions work out? Did you achieve at least one or two? Was it a 100% success? Then, good for you! You represent the minority of people who actually managed to see it all fulfilled as promised! Pat yourself on the back, twice!
Now, for us other mere mortals, there may have been a wholehearted attempt to make the change (whatever it was), yet we still fell short. Bad habits are not easy to break, so remember that, and don't beat yourself up too hard about it!

Attaining the highest levels of success in any area, for those who maybe wanted to open a business, excel in their career, or have a complete life change, isn't ever going to be just a simple walk in the park. Challenge is the name of the game, and remaining strong and determined to make it on even your worst days, takes a ton of heart. Get your heart in the right place, and success will surely follow!


So....what's the #1 New Year's resolution that most people seem to make from year to year? Guess! Ha ha...of course you know it; LOSING WEIGHT!!

Out of the long laundry list of ambitions, this is the one that you really have the MOST control over. YES! Unlike succeeding in business, getting ahead in a career or other such pursuits, LOSING WEIGHT, and how you go about achieving it, is totally and completely UP TO YOU! As the famous words go: "YOU can DOOO it!!!"

And it's true. YOU CAN. Use these first few weeks of the new year to completely change your thinking, and most especially, your eating habits. Take care of your body's physical fitness needs, and improve how you play, opting for more physical recreational activities on your off time, as opposed to sedentary ones. That's not to say that you should totally forego the occasional movie, picnic, or just relaxing and watching your favorite TV shows, but balance that out with some purely physical activities whenever you can. The keys to the kingdom are ALL RIGHT THERE in YOUR hand!

Whichever way you decide to do it, DO IT, and most importantly COMMIT! That way, when the next year comes rolling around, you'll have this one already scratched off the list! Then, on to the NEXT challenge! The clock is already ticking....Get going, and good luck!

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