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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Day of Silence

Having taken the day off to rest my voice, of course I'm out here on the net early, surfing, searching, reading blogs I like, and always finding new ones. It's staggering to fathom the sheer numbers of people out here writing these days! Seems like everyone and their dog has a blog. I'm not kidding, there are DOGS out here with blogs!

Great thing is that more people are exercising that writing muscle. Only good can come from that. Well....hopefully! ;)
I also sit here watching the Sundance, IFC, History and Science channels. In between those I click on Current TV to see what I can learn, and also to see what amateur filmmakers and journalists are putting out. I love Current, and one day you'll see one of MY pods on there. Just as soon as I learn how to work a movie camera (and buy one...dont worry, I've been saving for it. Already know the one I want). Making films is something else I'm trying to learn about and prepare for in the midst of everything else I do. The learning never stops over here at the Fitness Diva corral! ;)

One thing I'm struck by, and trying hard not to focus too much on, is how horrible it is to not have a voice. My voice is something I, like most people, take for granted. It's also something that I enjoy, 'cause I know how to use it well. Also, having taken the time to learn to speak 3 additional languages, the thought of not even being able to speak one of them really scares the hell out of me. I live to speak. I live to write. Life without one or the other won't be worth living for me. Honestly.
It's also how I make my living. All the things I have planned for the future revolve around my voice (teaching, filming my own exercise videos, making films, traveling and living in my various languages). Without a speaking voice, the prospect of my future is pretty damn grim! I hope this is not serious, this throat thing I have. It is, however, more serious than any throat or voice malady that I have ever experienced. Never in life have I lost my voice in this way, and to this degree.

I got an email from a lady in my Chinese language meetup group, after I posted that I won't be able to make the Chinese meetup today to learn a Chinese song. She gave me some advice and recommendations about some Chinese herbs that are healing for the voice. I will be headed to Chinatown to seek them out today. I only hope and pray that these things will work!

On the brighter side, check out my language widget on the menu bar on the right. When you click on the different flags, you can read my blog in eight other languages! Neat, huh? I like it too, because now I can practice reading what I write in the other languages I know as well (Spanish, Italian & Chinese). Ya gotta love the stuff these web geniuses come up with out here!

Ok...gotta get moving. The process of healing my voice is on!

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Suzann said...

I agree with you that the more people out there writing and communicating, the better. (Even if some blogs are written by dogs!) Love your fitness posts, and hope your voice gets better soon.
Best to you,

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks so much. I appreciate that!
So far, I'm still voiceless, but it's feeling a little better now. I'll see what happens when I open my mouth tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised? ;)

Best to you too!

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