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Friday, October 12, 2007

Teaching With No Voice...

I think it was pretty damned amazing of me to knock out two classes this morning with absolutely NO voice whatsoever, since I now have full blown LARYNGITIS.
Imagine yourself trying to teach a step class without verbal cuing. Yep, that was me today, the Marcel Marceau of aerobics! But I made it easy (for myself) and turned it into a step circuit where the class rotated through different exercise stations, performing each for a minute and a half. 4 step stations, 4 weight stations and 4 jump rope stations. Truth is, they got a better workout than usual, cause step, weight and jumprope together in one class usually kicks some series butt! I could tell by the collective exclamations of relief when I finally signalled "class over". ;)

Cuing the toning class afterwards was easier, I just basically did a Simon Says bit, or more like a "Watch me, and do everything that I do". I was pretty happy with being able to get thru teaching both classes minus my voice...it takes REAL talent to be able to do that effectively! ;). I will, however, be damn glad when my voice comes back. Not being able to convey my energy vocally was something I really missed. I'm a yeller and screamer when I teach. It brings both my and the entire room's energy level way UP. That's probably why I don't have a shred of voice right now.

I'm staying home from work tomorrow to give my vocal cords an entire day of rest via complete silence. Should be a ton of fun....

The good thing, though, is that I get to lay here and work on my webs all day tomorrow. I LOVE the thought of that! Me, my laptop, and the occasional delivery guy, bringing me food. Yep! That's the life!

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