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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm Back!

Got my voice back, although it's still a bit raspy. One thing I am going to do after this scare is to go back to using a mic when I teach my classes. I stopped using my mic about 2 years ago or so, because it was just a bit cumbersome to hook and unhook the system every time I taught. I taught with a mic for a good six years, and when the power adaptor broke, I just stopped. That's when I discovered the joy of yelling and screaming! ;)

Well, that little party is over now...I'd rather be able to use my voice for many years to come, and to do that, I'm gonna have to save the screaming for other occasions! ;)

The cool thing is I get to go back to being the social butterfly that I am...I missed out on a cool party with this laryngitis! Gotta make up for lost time...

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