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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Politics of Politeness

Back from the wedding weekend, and I must say, I didn't go too crazy on the southern food. I love North Carolina, though, and the way they try to make you feel comfortable and welcome everywhere you go. It's something that you don't experience as much in New York. Every store I went into, the cashiers and floor people spoke to me, saying "how are you doin' today?" and "how are you", and sometimes just "Hi-iii" in those lovely, cushiony southern accents they have. And these are folks that have never seen me before in their life. I love the way people are so friendly and open in the south. Southern hospitality is alive and well, I'm telling you!

Flash forward to the streets of NYC, and I'm surrounded by a brashness and rudeness from strangers that I can't even begin to explain. People refusing to move over as they walk straight at you on the sidewalk, this never ending game of chicken that New Yorkers like to play, better known as "who's gonna move first?". I've driven my elbow into many a Gothamite's shoulder for trying to play with me like that. You come walking into me, it's gonna hurt. Know that!

This afternoon, as I'm walking out the door of the diner where I had lunch, some big, huge guy tries to walk straight in the door as I'm coming out, instead of waiting POLITELY til I clear the doorway. No, he couldn't be bothered to be polite about it; he wasn't going to let a little thing like the concept of common courtesy flicker through his brain for even a second. Instead, he came charging forward at me like a bull as I'm trying to exit the restaurant. In the midst of his stampede, he tosses out "I'm sorry", but still doesn't pause or break his stride. So I just stopped cold, blocking the door, cocking my head as I glared at him. I said "No you're not, or you wouldn't persist in being so rude as to try to run over me! You can't wait one second for me to get out the door?"
We are eyeball to eyeball at this point. He then exaggeratedly steps aside with a mocking flourish of his hand. I exit, and he enters the diner. I'm left wondering 'what the hell is wrong with people these days?'. Is there really that much of a lack of home training, or are people out here getting off on being as rude as they can? I don't get it. Somebody 'splain it to me, please!

This little scenario is but one of a myriad of little power games I've experienced on the streets and byways of this fine city. I remember saying to a friend of mine "You might not be able to re-educate some of these folks with a good ass whipping, but I'd damn sure like to try!" lol

Yes, I would. But then I'd never make it to work. Or anywhere else, for that matter. As many idiots as there are out here, I'd be busy with them all damn day!

On the upside, I came home from good old NC full of energy and with even more ambition to get my businesses on point. Been working on my sites, and am rolling them out, one by one. Been teaching with my mic this week also, to save and preserve my voice, which is still going through it's phases of trying to heal. Sometimes I sound like a damn seal when I try to talk! It's getting better, though, and I'm thankful for that!

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