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Sunday, October 28, 2007

I've Been Soooo Bad......Naughty, Naughty!

It ain't easy bein' cheesy.....

My social calendar has been jumping a bit lately, and this Diva has been hitting some bars, lounges, parties and the like. I totally subscribe to the "work hard, play harder" ethic...simply because I know how to come back and perform any damage control necessary after the dust settles. I know that I still should rein it in, though. Just a bit!

What I'm talking about is the massive amount of alcohol calories I've consumed in the past week or so. We're not even mentioning food. I was at an all you can drink Mexican brunch yesterday, and mimosas were my poison. I can try to pretend that since there was orange juice in them (with good old vitamin C), I wasn't being TOO bad a fitness diva. But hey, you know I know better! lol

A few nights before that, I was hanging out with a friend and we knocked back a few beers (the worst!). I won't say how many. Can't put myself out there quite THAT nakedly. lol

A few days before that, I was sharing a bottle of wine with a friend. Now, this is not a normal level of party and/or drinking activity for me. These things come in spurts. Like, I probably won't go out like that again until the holidays. But in the meantime, I feel the need to acknowledge what I've consumed, and deal with it. I look great, by the way....you wouldn't know that I've drunk about a keg by looking at me. But I know...and that's enough for me!

My After Party Penance:

5 30-40 minute sessions on my rebounder - once a day for the next 5 days
Hit the weight room twice this week for a full body workout (roughly 1 hour each)
2 half hour sessions of just abs

That should do it. I play, but I also pay. It's all about balance, baby~!

Need a date? The Love Diva can help!

Hope you all are holding it down with your fitness routines! "Do what you gotta do", says the Diva....and as always, Good Luck!

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