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Friday, December 7, 2007

Viva December!

Ah, the layers upon layers of clothing, the need to actually HAVE to wear socks, your ears getting so cold they turn purple, and the cold brisk air, damn near freezing the insides of your nostrils. I'm lovin' it!
Winter is one of the best seasons in NYC for me, because for one thing, it calms the city down. Far less people on the street than in the summertime. I always say "most assholes tend to stay home when it's cold outside". I could be wrong about that, however. Seems like it, though!

So we're on to winter sports for me. Dudes, I'm getting ready to plunge myself into the world of snowboarding, and I'm excited as f*ck. I joined the Snowboarding Meetup, and man, they have ski and snowboard trips left and right. I am about to be on one of those bus trips with a quickness! I love an active, fun group, and this one seems to be just the ticket. They're at it like two to three times a week.

I've been contemplating taking up snowboarding for a while now, and figure since I love roller blading so much, then snowboarding will probably take me to some kind of nirvana. (Note: as this post was originally written a couple years ago, I can now say that I DO SNOWBOARD!  Got my own gear and the whole 9. Have been up on a mountain more than a few times and LOVE IT!) I can already picture it: me gliding, swerving and doing wicked moves down a slope, looking absolutely bad ass. I will have to be sure to re up my health insurance pronto. Mental note to self...

Anyway, so now I've been out here on the net figuring out what I need to get geared up. Can I just say, this is one EXPENSIVE damn sport? OMG. By the time I get my jacket, pants, boots, bindings, goggles, and gloves, I will be spending a minimum of $500, and we're not even talking about a BOARD yet!! Yikes!
Hell, I boxed for 7 years, and to begin boxing cost me damn near nada. A pair of gloves, some wraps and a mouthpiece, less than $100. Then a few extra pieces and upgrades later on down the road as I got more savvy and skilled. Blading....the cost of blades (and helmet, knee and wrist guards)...roughly $125.00. Tennis....a bit more dough, the racket, some balls, the $100 permit, and of course some cute as hell tennis wear. I probably spent around 3 bills. Oh, and the Wilson tennis bag. Make that $350.

But just like skiing, snowboarding is NOT a poor man's (or woman's) sport. I'm down, though, and ready to go. I can't wait til my gear is here!

Funnily enough, last night I was watching The Girls Next Door, and it was the episode where they went snowboarding in Vail with Shaun White. Damn, that was meant for ME! You gotta just love the timing of certain things!
I think Kendra is bad ass, and I really want her gear! And she can board, too!


Let's just see how this goes, shall we? Wish me luck!

See how celebs get those camera ready bods!

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