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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"That Snowboarding Afterglow"

Now that I'm back on snowless land, I find myself missing the slopes. That snowboard weekend I just had was awesome, and I am now thinking and plotting on how I can be so much better the next time I go out. I know not to try to rush it, but I'm so used to being good at things, and I guess it's just natural for me to almost overthink things in my attempt to achieve that.

So, I'm happy to say, I get my second crack at shredding some mountains in just a couple weeks. Yep, already booked the next trip. So, I've been out here checking out various snowboarding sites and blogs, checking on how to learn and master certain techniques. Here's a great tutorial on doing those turns:


Now, let's just hope all that theory turns into reality the next time I'm out there! ;)


Just a few of the things I dream about doing......

Yeah, I'm crazy, but I told you that already, right? ;)

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