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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

People Who Steal

I got to be a fly on the wall today, somewhat. I was in the doctor's waiting room waiting for him to finish up with another patient. The set up is such that when it's your turn to see the doc, you're led to wait in one of two rooms, so he can quickly go from one to the next when he's doing his appointments. For whatever reason, he kept the office door open of the patient he was seeing while I was waiting my turn.
In the next room was an older woman in her 70's or so, and her son, in his 40's, about.

So, as I'm sitting there, I'm facing the door, which is cattacorner to the other room's door. You can only see inside the other room a fraction, and from that point all you can see is the corner of a desk with a huge box of rubber gloves and a computer on it. While the doc is examining to woman, the son comes over to the desk, and opens his shopping bag (which he conveniently left on the knob of the door) and sweeps in the huge box of rubber gloves that the doc uses! Then, he picks the bag up and holds onto it. Now, all of a sudden, he becomes Chatty Kathy with the doc, going on about his accent and where is he from, etc, etc. I'm just sitting there like "Whoa. You are SUCH a lowlife!" LOL!

Like what is the point of stealing a box of 300 latex gloves?? What an idiot!

So, finally, their appointment is over, and as he comes out of the door I say loudly "I SAW YOU! I SAW WHAT YOU DID!". He detours and pops into my room and quickly says "I know you saw me (lying...he didn't have that vantage point at all), I took some gloves." He shrugs his shoulders like it's the most normal act in the world. NO shame whatsoever! Then he turns and starts walking off. "You're a thief!" I call after him. He's gone. His mother and the doc were none the wiser. I contemplated saying something to the doctor, but ya know...what would it solve? So, I just sat there bemused by the whole thing. The nerve of some folks! Too crazy!

And I'm sure this guy does this type of thing everywhere he goes. It was too quick and smooth, his action. I, on the other hand, have NEVER stolen from a doctor. They leave you in their office and you see all the bandages, tongue depressers and cool gadgets, and sure, it would be an easy take something, but WHY? I don't get the point of stealing stuff that you could buy yourself if you really wanted it. Guess I just don't have the thief mentality. But I obviously don't have the "rat" mentality either, cause I didn't blow the whistle on him. Hmmmm....

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Urban Thought said...

You put dude on Blast but you didn't go the distance. I feel you on that. I know what you did. I see you. You should know better. LOL

That is some funny mess. I've never thought to take anything from my doc. I see that stuff but then I think what will I do with it? Except for the cotton balls... I don't have any use for the other stuff.

The Fitness Diva said...

Yeah, I let that guy off the hook somewhat. I have replayed over in my mind different scenarios in which I bust him big time!
Like saying "Show the doc what's in your bag, big boy! Hey, Doc, check this out!" lol
I wonder what would have happened had I been so bold..... lol

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