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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Reward System

One way I've found to keep on track with my good eating habits is to not only give myself a "free reign day" once a week, but to also use my social events or any special dinners I have coming up as a reward for being good. I have a dinner at a Cajun restaurant coming up on Thursday, and plan to eat whatever the heck I want on that night. So here, in the days before, any time I am tempted to cheat and go buy some Haagen Dazs or mozzarella fries, I just remind myself to wait until Thursday. I put the image of myself thoroughly enjoying this great food and drink I'm going to have in mind, and say to myself "if you go get that ice cream, you'll have to restrict yourself at the dinner". Well. I have NO INTENTION of doing that! lol. So that little check and balance is enough to pull me back in, and I end up not going to buy the 'naughty' food. The dinner or night out in the near future becomes a reward that I have to work for, the work being sticking to my lower carb, no sugar eating plan. And guess what? It works! I have stuck to my plan! Sometimes you have to come up with different ways to discipline yourself, and this is but one of a few I have that works pretty well for me.
Right now my 'go crazy on Cajun' night is two more days away. Can't you just taste that fried catfish? This place also makes down home recipe baked mac and cheese! I'm gonna have me some FUN! ;)

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durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

HI Fitness Diva,

Your exercise regimen and eating discipline never ceases to amaze me. Or, is that why you're posting it, so you'll know that other people know and that you'd better keep your word.LOL!

How can you continue to push yourself with all the thought of that good food making you salivate with each sweat that flows down from your brow. UUUhmm, that refreshing ice cream!

It's like samurai discipline I suppose. Keep it up and good luck. Oh, and good eating too! :-) --Durano, done!

Jeff said...

What's nice about having a special treat on the horizon is that it gives you something to look forward to.

If you just want to eat uber healthy all the time and you never stray, then it might be overwhelming (at least, that's my experience). I'm definitely going to integrate a special treat day into my regime.

Urban Thought said...

I'm glad you are keeping it in check. It is hard out there sometimes when you have those cravings.

Will power. Will Power. It's a super power I'm happy that you have.

I felt like having cookies the other day. I ended up running the thought out of my mind on the treadmill.

Body is getting on point though. I'll be ready for the sand in a few weeks. Thank you for the advice and for keeping me focused.

Tony said...

Will power, yes. It shows again that our mind dominates the body - only we are not aware enough of it!
Thanks for sharing these good tips.

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