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Friday, July 4, 2008

The Day After

So, yeah, went out yesterday evening and pretty much put it all out there! lol

So, after making sure to drink a ton of water through the morning and afternoon to help in my 'recovery', I'm feeling pretty good after last night's pure, unbridled decadence.

This morning (after training a 7am client! and teaching two morning classes), I hit the old BOSU again and rocked it for a good 35. No jump rope this time, just pure BOSU leg and core training with a 8lb medicine ball, ending with a few sets of some full out kamikaze ab work. I finished up the session completely drenched, my leg muscles nearly exhausted. Training on the BOSU makes me feel like I'll soon be ready for Cirque du Soleil or something. I love the challenge of it! I'm so into it, I'm almost planning to go back and hit it again before the gym closes today. We'll just see!

In the meantime, enjoy your 4th of July! And pass me some ribs!

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Urban Thought said...

Is this the half ball thing? I saw this dude with it upside down doing shoulder presses. I was so tempted to try but then I thought I would lose my balance and fall. No need to feel embarrassed in the gym. Maybe I'll try one of those Saturday mornings when the gym is sorta empty.

The Fitness Diva said...

Yes, try it out when the gym is less crowded. That way you can stumble and fall off the thing (which you will at first) and not give a damn.
I suggest beginning with really slow squats and one leg knee lifts (with one foot centered on the dome) just to get a feel of what you're getting into.
This thing is kick ass, for real.
I won't do a training session without including it in my line up these days. Even just rocking it for 15 minutes is worth it when you're pressed for time.

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