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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Fitness Diva's Weight Loss Tool #2

Ok. Moving right along....
....Hope you find this useful! :)

The Fitness Diva's Weight Loss Tool #2 from Yvonne Diva on Vimeo.

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iWalk said...

I love you video,Diva.

I love to see a beautiful and healthy you!

The Fitness Diva said...

Thank you so much, Iwalk! :)

PurpleGreenPops.com said...

Thanks for the great weight loss tool, Diva. Keep 'em coming.

And have a good weekend too.

Sugar said...

Hey hi, first of all, you look so adorable, fit and healthy. Both the videos are great, the journal idea and the pre-prepared meals also. I'll try both of these, thanks for sharing. Hope to see the tool no.3 soon. :)

Denver Cereal said...

Great tip! Thanks for taking the time to do these. I've enjoyed them.

I am always so lazy after going to the market. I need to get it together. I'm great about making extra and freezing it - poor about the rest.

Claudia at Denver Cereal

gLoR!e said...

i am so unfortunate that i cant see the video bec. my pc has been wrongly reformatted of the plug-in need to fix again..anyway, whatever it is i know it is good..heheh i'll see it when my pc is back..:)

Bromalite said...

Good info and video. Being healthy is more important than looking good, but you look good anyways.

Jacqueline said...

Hey Diva,
I love these tips. They are really helping me to stay motivated.

Thanks! :-)

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Fit Diva,
My wife and I are working on changing our lifestyle and diet. She got a copy of skinny bytches, which is a book on fitness, weight loss and lifestyle that talks about foods and the bad things that we are ingesting.
Happy New Year! I am reading you!
Mista Jaycee

Shelia said...

Fitness Diva, I put this video up on Black Tennis Pro's, I think they're great!

Shades of Gray said...

Love the video tips. They are great! Have you had any success with fat burning pills?

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great tip...it makes sense...I've always done this with fruit. Will have to give it a try with other foods, because sometimes I just don't feel like cooking so we grab something easy, not always the most healthy though!


attygnorris said...

Great tips! Keep them coming. I've been doing well so far this year (only 12 days in), but I still have a way to go.


D' Luxe Designs said...

Great tips on food preparation. Thanks for the useful info. Looking forward to tool #3.

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