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Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Fitness Challenge...

So, I'm all about action. Enough with all the dispensing of health info, exercise tips, and yadda, yadda, yadda. At least for today. Action speaks louder than words! Great cliche, that one! Let's use it! ;)
So, instead of telling you about the wonders of green beans, or imploring you to try the Urban Rebounder (which I LOVE!), or trying to get you to embrace running, I'm going to give you a lil' challenge this weekend.
Simple. Get someone else (who doesn't usually) to work out. Either with or without you. Haaa! And you thought I was gonna say "do X amount of pushups, run this long, etc, etc", right? Nope!
My challenge to you is to get someone else around you, a loved one, spouse, a friend, a child, hell, even your boss....lol, to get up and do some type of physical activity or exercise. Umm, just FYI....dogs, cats and other pets don't count! This challenge is for humans only!

Now, quick tip: it's much easier if you get them to do an activity WITH you. I'm already giving you a cheat here. It doesn't have to be formal exercise like you would do in a park or at the gym. As long as it's a strenuous physical activity that lasts for more than a half hour, you've done your job. No, shopping doesn't count!!!
Even if that does make you sweat!!! If it's not actual exercise, try to make sure it's some recreational or sports like type of activity.

Okay! I'm going to check back on this! Post what you got someone to do by Monday, and the best one wins a cool little prize. I'm not sayin' what yet. You will just have to wait and see!

Okay, guys, now this weekend YOU get to be the motivator. Think you can rise to the occasion? I hope so! We will soon see! ;)

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carey @ happysteps.net said...

ok, i'll try to convince my mom to join me in one of my exercise routines next week! let's see... ;)

skywind said...

Only sport we are able to give us good health, let us work better. So let us now go exercise. :)


Shinade said...

hey I already started doing this one. but, we're not up to once a week yet.

But, we are taking a couple days a month to get out and get some walking done.

Also when I go out on my photo hunts...I do a lot of hiking, squatting, climbing...you name it and I do it if I want the picture.

I really never thought that something like a camera would increase my exercise so much.

These are great tips and thanks for stopping by.

I hope you have a great week!!:-)))

Sudha said...

Hi Diva,This challenge is really a big challenge for me..for a change why dont you challenge us to stay idle at home the whole week with lot of junk food..I'm sure I will be the WINNER :D All the best to everyone who are facing friday fitness challenge!

FJ said...

That's a good idea. I had a similar suggestion for my readers, and that was to do something that pushes your boundaries every week.

Something you thought was "too hard" or something you've "never tried" before.

Not only will it help you grow as a person, it'll help your body grow STRONGER.

Good stuff.

Custom Labels said...

I really like this challenge..not only are you getting readers moving you're getting others moving and inspiring a little fun/bonding in the mean time. My friends and I are doing Fight Gone Bad 6 tomorrow though...haha...we'll all be crushed afterwards and I don't have any family who live in this state.

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